Every so often I start riding the Internet wave.  The one that starts innocently like a quick read of a new post on VFTB, and after a few clicks of the mouse on a random link or two, ends at ……well……let’s just say I may have found the end of the internet a time or two.

This past week provided a few interesting quotes and stories from around the Cub-o-sphere.  I wanted to take a few seconds and spill my thoughts and then of course give the VFTB readers a chance to share theirs.

We will start with everybody’s favorite, Sam Fuld! 

The following Q & A is an excerpt from a Fangraphs interview with Jonah Keri,

Keri: Then there’s the church and state idea, when you’re out on the field, that you try to shut [statistical thinking] out. Do you feel it needs to go that way?

Fuld: I think baseball, in a way, the more brain-dead you are on the field, the more success you have. Which is why you see some big old dummies who are Hall of Famers (laughs). That’s the way it goes. There is a time to think on the field, but when you’re in the batter’s box, it’s all reaction. Maybe there’s an opportunity when you’re in the dugout to think on the stats side, but really your job is simple as a player, and ultimately you have to do what your manager expects you to do.

I suppose it depends on who your manager is, and who your front office is. I came up in the Cubs system, and they’re probably not as involved in the statistics side of the game as some other organizations. It still is important to me to get on base, even though (laughs) there were some guys who, all they cared about was my average.

Keri: Were they telling you, “be aggressive, be aggressive, swing, swing, swing?”

Fuld: Yeah, I definitely got a lot of that sort of instruction. It’s frustrating, but it’s reality. You have to please your boss before anybody else. That’s one of the things I’m actually looking forward to in going to the Rays, is maybe a little more advanced thinking when it comes to the numbers of baseball.

Hey Sam, what’s the old saying?  Excuses are like assholes, everybody’s got one? yah, that’s it!

Okay, so this alarms me a bit as a Cubs fan.  Yes, the Cubs finally got up with the times and hired a sabermetrics guy last year (about ten years too late) and yes , I know Jim Hendry is not a numbers guy.  Yes, Sam Fuld has a point.  Does this mean we will miss Sam Fuld?  His fielding….sure, as he did make some nice hustle plays.  Hitting ……probably not. 

I bid you adieu Sam Fuld, their was just no place at the table for you in chicago.

On to other things………

According to a few reports out of Cubs Convention, Carlos Zambrano wants to forget 2010.  Really Z?  You mean you don’t want to bathe in it?  I thought it was quite fun! 

Let me shed the sarcasm for a moment……Carlos, I have a great way to make everybody forget about 2010. When you take the mound in the first game of the season try not implode in the first couple innings setting up the preamble to your temper tantrum symphony which played out over the course of the first few months of last season.   By the way, unless something catistrophic takes place in spring training, “Big Z” will be your ace this year Cubs fans.  I don’t think Quade has the crotch taters to put him at number 2.  It could happen, I am just sayin’ don’t bank on it.

I am glad to hear Z is pumped about this season.  I would just like him to get through game 1 and we will take baby steps from there.

And then there’s this…….

Apparently Aramis Ramirez told Bruce Levine he hates the wintertime in the United States.  This is his excuse for not showing up at Cubs Convention in past years.  Well, it is a contract year and A-Ram is pulling out all the stops.  He attended his first convention this past weekend and with free agency looming stated it may be his last year as a Cub.  Gee, thanks Aramis, so glad you could stop by and grace us with your presence. 

I get this strange feeling A-Ram has never really liked his time here in Chicago. …at least April and May games.

And Finally…..

The Cubs will honor the late Ron Santo with a Statue outside Wrigley Field.  They will also wear a #10 patch throughout the 2011 season.  The names being mentioned to fill the vacancy left by Ron’s passing are not really exciting me, but then again how do you replace Ron Santo?  Might be the single toughest decision of the season.

To the readers, The Corner is now yours! What are your thoughts?

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