Good morning! For those of you lucky enough to have a day off in honor of the good Dr. King, I hope you’re enjoying your long weekend. For those of you who are back to work, well, hope you enjoyed your (now over) weekend. :-) Let’s review last week:


  • It’s a welcome change to see the Cubs deal prospects while they’re still high in value rather than wait until they bust like we’ve seen with guys like Rich Hill, Felix Pie, and Corey Patterson.
  • Matt Garza…good pitcher, bad judge of facial hair.
  • Now, let’s hire that same sports psychologist that worked with Garza and hope he can keep the mercurial 2/5th of the starters straight this season.
  • I’m just impressed that Chuck’s desk-car can do 20 MPH.
  • 1. Z is good Z all year.
    2. Aramis is healthy all year.
    3. Wood can give us 60 dominant innings.
    4. We get a better 2B.
    5. Geo, Castro and Wells continue to progress.
    6. General good health.
    7. Soriano hits league-average vs RHP.
    If five of these come to pass, we are in good shape.
  • 8. If the Reds bus driver can’t find Wrigley Field.
    9. If Pujols gets drafted into Afghanistan.
    10. Miller Park does a Metrodome and the Brewers are on the road for their home schedule.
    These would also be helpful for the Cubs playoff chances.
  • I now know why Van Gogh cut off an ear, he had a bug in there.
  • I was graded a 2 for a ground out to third, since ball rolled to third base off my face.
  • Hope springs eternal, but the yellow ‘proceed with caution” light is still shining brightly at chez obvious
  • i had a friend who took a line drive to the groin during a baseball game while pitching . lesson learned ….keep your eyes on your balls .
  • Had a lot of scotch that night.
  • I’m just going to cast my ‘greatest moments in reader injury history’ vote for Capn right now. While I’m at it, I’m going to give my ‘least awkward segue to girlie-mag-centric braggadocio’ to you too Cap…nicely played, sir.
  • At which time I heard, ‘Oh that is bad!” followed by someone telling that woman to shut up so that I didn’t freak out.
  • not necessarily in order of suck
  • I’ve deduced that there is a direct correlation to players whose names contain 2 vowels in a row and the ‘oh no” tag. Aardsma, Neifi, Neil Cotts, Jaques Jones, and Aaron…both Heilman and Miles.
  • Neil Cotts and Bob Howry
  • I see Chuck’s Cotts and Howry, and raise him a Grabow.
  • captain suck himself Will Ohman
  • Did I ever mention that Aaron Heilman is an anagram for ‘I am an anal Hero”?
  • Currently it’s John Gra…NOOOO! I would just turn off the TV or the radio when Lou called his number. Then Lou kept doing it, even though the guy was throwing grapefruits my grandma could hit, and she’s been dead for 15 years.
  • If anyone even mentions Jim Edmund’s name, I’m gonna stick my nutsack in an electrical outlet
  • I’m beginning to think that perhaps Dr van Nostrand isn’t an actual MD.
  • By the way, if Perez doesn’t make the cut this spring, can we consider him for the spot in the radio booth?
  • The ‘dirty monkey” is a fine dessert drink down in Mexico. Not to be confused with the Capn’s ‘dirty monkey’ tricks he used to play before he was married.
  • One of the best catches I’ve ever seen by anyone, right up there with top plays in my own baseball history.
  • The Local weather guy this morning twice pointed out a current temperature of 54 degrees, and less than a minute later predicted a high today of 50. And we wonder why America can’t compete in Math and Science anymore.
  • I didn’t even know teleprompter reading was a science. We do suck.
  • I don’t dislike the Pirates, but the Brewers, Reds, and especially the Cardinals can go sit on a snake.
  • I totally forgot about the Astros. Let’s put them, oh, say, 10th.


  • This just in. One of the pitchers in the rotation will be the Opening Day starter!

Monday Morning Discussion Question

There was plenty of interesting and entertaining news coming out of the Cubs Convention this weekend. (Must admit the more amusing and telling pieces were written by bloggers and not by “official” news sources, but perhaps I’m biased.) On the convention roundup article, they snuck in this little bit:

The Cubs may go with a leadoff by committee with Quade rotating players in the No. 1 spot in the lineup depending on matchups. Among the candidates are Jeff Baker, DeWitt and Kosuke Fukudome.

This knocked the wind out of my sails and let me tell you it wasn’t a gale force wind to begin with. More like a slight breeze. But that did it. Not only the “by committee” part, but when I actually processed the choices and realized this is all we’ve got, I’m now officially pessimistic and I’m counting on you guys to talk me out of it! Who would you put at the top of the lineup? And/or, at least help me feel better about the options!

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