I called for some stories from the readers and chose a few of my favorites. I’d like to hear from you guys with your injury stories or perhaps those of your “friends”

Docrav writes:

My first fantasy camp I was leading off of first base and the pitcher tried to pick me off. I caught a cleat and rolled my ankle spraining it badly. Billy Williams told me to try to walk it off, but I couldn’t and suffered the humiliation of having a runner for me the rest of camp. took about 3 months to heal, but to date I have had my ankles taped prophylactic ally every day of every camp since. I had injured both ankles in a fall from a ladder and a roll down a hill while building my house about 4 years earlier, so they are both weak. I crack like rice crispies walking up the stairs. They feel so good now that I’m considering forgoing it this year. Raker and Obvious will let us all know if that does not work out well.

Other injuries I have seen at Fantasy camp:
A 70 year-old first base coach had a scorcher hit at him off of a left-handed batter. He stuck his bare hand out and it caught his ring finger tip and pulled it all the way against the back of his hand. Little blood, but the bone popped thru the skin. Out for the rest of camp. Our coaches are supposed to man 1st and 3rd coaching assignments, but some are famous for not moving from their chairs, and that was the case in this instance.

A dislocated shoulder sliding head first into second base in a burly guy. Out for the rest of camp.

A dislocated hip sliding feet first into a stout catcher at home.

There was a guy a few years before I started going to camp who dropped dead running first to third on a single. He had had prior serious health issues, but was not old.

The training room at camp is an extremely busy place. There are more shades of purple on calves, thighs and arms than you would expect to see at a Kiss concert, but nobody goes away without a smile on their face. 2 1/2 weeks and counting.

As an aside, Fantasy camp starts Jan 23rd and runs a week. the 21-23, there is a mini fantasy camp, also in Phoenix, run by West coast fantasy baseball where teams of folks who have attended one of the various fantasy camps get their own teams together and play 4 or 5 games in 3 days. Doc Raker has organized a Cub team each of the last 3 years for this and is doing so again this year. I think Captain Obvious is joining us and Sherm has been invited, but I’m not sure if he is going. Raker’s Brother is a well known professional comedian who plays ball fairly well and will also be there. If it would be of interest to the view, we might be able to provide some running commentary on our Cub team at said festivities.

Dragon writes:

My injury happened on the way to work one delightful sunny morning. As I approached the building, a moth flew into my ear canal. The thing kept fluttering it’s wings non-stop trying to escape but to no avail. Although my co-workers had lots of suggestions on how to get rid of the critter, I ended up having to go to an emergency care to have them put some foam in there to kill the moth so they could pull it out. I now know why Van Gogh cut off an ear, he had a bug in there. No worse feeling in the world, swimmer’s ear times 100.

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