It’s right around the corner, can you smell it?

I can’t, not yet at least.

Some feel the turn of the year marks the first signs of the coming baseball season.  Personally it still feels miles away.  The beginning of January and the end of January are a totally different beast.

I don’t truly feel the first signs of baseball season until pitchers and catchers report, which is Monday, February 14th for those of us who did not know.  Then of course spring training seems to last an eternity.

In an effort to spark interest in a season that seems miles away I have five burning questions for our readers!!!!

Question 1:  Who has the best chance to start opening day?

I am going with Dempster.  The guy has been a model of consistancy throughout the past few years and deserves the nod.   Of course, this is considering he makes it through spring training without falling on his face.  However, our staff is so bad that he may fall on his face, break his arm, and go blind yet still own the mound on opening day.

Question #2: Who replaces Ron Santo in the booth?

This is one of those questions I ask and I wait for somebody to comment below and say, “where the hell have you been? They already found a replacement! It’s ———-!”  Did they find somebody yet?

Question #3: Who has scares us the most in spring training?

Hold on, let me explain. Every year we have somebody who plays horrifying baseball in spring training and then the regular season starts and everything is fine…….. it’s like he wasn’t trying all March or he slept through the spring.  I am going with A-Ram, which will prompt fans to claim he is over the hill  and the Cubs need to pull off a desperate trade with somebody by opening day so we have a servicable third baseman.  Then again, I think this already happened for most of last season so forget that.

Question #4: How many games will Carlos Silva start before he hits the disabled list?

My guess, if he gets out of spring training in one peice, two.

Question #5:  Which rising young player makes it out of spring training with the big league club?

I am going with the longshot of Archer.  I am sure he is better then some of the guys on the pitching staff last year.  The way I see it there are three spots in the starting rotation that are unspoken for, why not go out on a limb!

What about you guys? Does it feel as though the season is just around the corner?

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