Happy New Year! Don’t miss our discussion question at the end where we will take a final look back at 2010 before we move forward! On an administrative note, Joe is preparing a column on reader injuries. If you’d like to submit your worst/weirdest injury for consideration, email it to viewfromthebleachers@gmail.com early in the week. Now, onto the week in review.


  • Dick Pole.
  • Sweetbread Bailey
  • Clete Thomas
  • Dickey Noles
  • Dick Trickle
  • Mookey Wilson
  • Tim Spooneybarger
  • http://www.hardballtimes.com/main/article/banana-fana-fo-fudcat/
  • Mickey Klutts
  • Hopefully Starlin Castro’s career goes better than Pat Listach’s did.
  • off-season dork-fest
  • By the way, if you have not heard (and from the looks of ticket sales you have not),  the Convention runs January 14th-16th.
  • Dear Jim, do I want the Black Forest Ham and Turkey or the Meatball Sub?
  • Would you be willing to sign a 1 year $10M roast beef sub contract?
  • What, you’re not dying to meet THE Koyie Hill?
  • If they sold Cubbie Kool-Aid at the convention, would you be offended or totally into it?
  • Spiked Cubbie Kool-Aid maybe.
  • Oney writes like his dad talks
  • You’ve got to love a guy that runs that much smack after hitting .230 for Division 3 North Park University.
  • And the corners of the mouth of our favorite second baseman rise a little.


  • Come to think of it, I’ve never seen a ballpark I didn’t like.

Monday Morning Discussion Question

When we were growing up my mother had a New Year’s tradition for us. We had to look back at the year gone by and list the three worst things that happened to us and the three best things. Typically (though not always) the good outweighed the bad, or at least the bad had faded into distant memory and the good things stood out. That was the point. We hated doing it as kids, but as an adult I really enjoy the look back. So I thought we would do it here. For the Cubs. You can consider your personal 2010 journey privately :-). But for public consumption, in your opinion, what were the three best things about the Cubs in 2010, and what were the three worst things?

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