What do you get when you cross Cubbie Kool Aide, Cubbie Cute, and most of Northwest Indiana and Southern Wisconsin?

You give up?……………………

The annual Cubs Convention!!!!!

Most MLB teams have some sort of off-season dork-fest kicking off the new year. This is how you do it Cubs style!!!!

By the way, if you have not heard (and from the looks of ticket sales you have not),  the Convention runs January 14th-16th.

I had the pleasure of joining this crowd in 2008 and got a first hand look at the madness.

The recipe? Pack thousands of rabid jersey wearing,  autograph book toting Cub fans into the Hilton Towers and give them access to all sorts of Cub schwag.  I left the event with the following junk in my bag…..

– About six schedules for the upcoming season

– A baseball signed by Fergie Jenkins (obtained in person for a $20 fee)

– A set of Cubs coasters with pictures of Kerry Wood, Mark Prior, and  Harry Carey emblazoned on them (Classy, I know!)

– A Ryne Sandberg Rookie Card

– A Cubs drink Koozy

– A cubs floating key chain in case i ever get into boating

– and too many other weird and useless items my wife made me throw out!

The best part was standing in line for autographs.  There was a point when I found myself standing in line for Kerry Wood  (it was for a friend as I already have one) and I couldn’t figure out what part of the hotel I was in as the line was so long.  I asked people if Christ had taken his place and was at the end of this madness putting his John Hancock on the sweet spot of a Rawlings. Nope, just Kerry Wood.

Well, at any rate,  it looks like the ole convention might be a weather bell for the upcoming season.  For the first time in a very long time the thing isn’t sold out within weeks of it’s announcement.  Does this mean Cubs fans are finally fighting back? Are we finally sick of the mediocre product?

What does this say for ticket sales next season?

I know one thing for sure, we may be hearing the cries of Len Kasper and Bob Brenly during our telecast next year urging people to “head on down to Wrigley Field as good tickets are still available for all games”.

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