This week the Lizzies are full of our fun Pete LaCock talk. Don’t miss today’s discussion question at the end about other “baseball names” that strike your fancy! But first, the week in review!


  • If I looked like Theriot I might get more “happy fun time” with the wife…
  • You should ALWAYS be nice to little kids, with a sort of bell curve on it, being still nice but less willing to sign an autograph for, say, a 30 year old, and then going back to being nice for old-timer.
  • I am not a celebrity but when I am in my office I expect people to walk in and request my services or ask me questions. Once I leave my office I don’t expect people to request office services of me while I am at lunch.
  • So the Capn wants to wake up next to Jim Edmunds and Seymour had an x rated situation with Chipper Jones. The good news is you can both openly serve in our military.
  • There aren’t enough people named “Bump” in the world.
  • I’ll take Paul Lynde to block.
  • I loved Doug Dascenzo back in the day when I didn’t know that the ability to hit was a necessary part of being a good ballplayer.
  • Always wanted to be the play-by-play guy who had to say “LaCock’s got two balls on him”!
  • Seems Rapheal was dipping his pen in the inkwell of the second baseman.
  • That may be confusing. The said inkwell was the property of the second baseman’s wife, not the second baseman.
  • that anecdote would be a whole lot funnier if it was Ryno’s inkwell in which Raffi dipped.
  • Why was Pete LaCock traded? Anyone know that?
  • Because one day in the future he would want to sleep with Ryne Sandberg’s wife?
  • I guess a career being a TV game-show host wouldn’t really take off if your name was Peter LaCock.
  • Just realized that Peter LaCock is kind of redundant.
  • Announcer: “LaCock is up. He digs in…”
  • I remember LaCock’s glove not being to good but his stick was pretty good.
  • LaCock was one of the first players to use a hard wood bat.
  • Seymour brings a LaCock model bat to camp, kind of like those rock and roll groupies of the 60’s that took plaster molds of Jimi Hendrix LaCock.
  • They should just copy and paste for 2011.
  • I hope I’m wrong, but I think they lack talent, especially on offense.
  • If we don’t shit our pants every time we play the astros and pirates we got at least a .500 team. Hope that brings some Christmas Cheer.
  • I vomit for other reasons.
  • My favorite part? the Lizzies.
  • my favorite part of 2010 ….. “THE END .”
  • Hustle is also a dance from the 1970s.
  • That should be the 2011 Cubs theme song, sing along “Do the Hustle”


  • Mesa is 2 months away !!

Monday Morning Discussion Question

We had an interesting discussion about Pete LaCock this week thanks to Buddy’s column about players and their numbers. I want to talk about players and their names. There are just some names that seem destined to be baseball players. Cubs Rebel Ridling and Casey Coleman come to mind. Like them or not as players, they’ve got cool baseball names. What are some names that stick out to you, Cubs or otherwise, either because they’re cool (Rebel) or because they’re unfortunate (LaCock)? Entertain me! :-)

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