The year in baseball has been a doozy.  Not just the actual 162 game season but the off-season too!

Without a bunch of blathering about the no hitters and the statistical minutia, which can be found here in a very interesting article by Jayson Stark,  I give you my highlights and low-lights for the 2010 season…..

*Many of the following are Cubs related, but not all……..

1) We found out in late January that the Ricketts family had purchased the Cubs for a mere $900 Million.  Not a bad margin for the Trib, considering the team was bought by the Tribune in 1981 for 20.5 million.  Just think,  we could almost field an entire team of ball players in today’s game making that much on a yearly basis….or at least we’ll be able to very soon.

2) This was Yahoo sports spring training outlook for the Cubs starting rotation in 2010….

Starting pitching has been a strength of the Cubs the last few years, and this season could be no different. You can pencil in Carlos Zambrano, Ryan Dempster, and Randy Wells as the first three starters in the rotation. After that however, it gets dicey.

Does this look familiar? They should just copy and paste for 2011.

3) The San Francisco Giants won the World Series on the backs of a few young players and a bunch of journeyman ballplayers.  Their team payroll you ask??? Just shy of 99 Million.  That placed them ninth in MLB for the 2010 season.

4) If you told me prior to the 2010 season that Lou Piniella would leave his post as Cubs manager 3/4 of the way through the season I would not have raised my brow.  If you told me Mike Quade would be taking the reigns for the remainder of the season and have such success, and fall into such favor with the front office and players that he wins the job for the next two seasons, I would have asked you one thing…….”Who is Mike Quade?”

5) Stephen Strasburg looks a lot like Mark Prior…….all the way down to the pitching motion.  Hey Nationals, better luck with Harper!


These are just a few things that stuck out in my mind from this past season. What about you guys?  What were your highlights/lowlights from 2010?

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