If Christmas is your thing, this is your week! And in case you still have shopping, wrapping and decorating to do, we’ll not waste any time. Especially since there was a ton of fantastic conversation this week, even in the off-season! Enjoy the week in review, and don’t miss the discussion question at the end!


  • Your husbands name is ‘Snow’?
  • Ghetto fabulous.
  • Why does frosty the snowman hang out on the sidewalk?
  • In return, I ask for your critical comments and snide remarks
  • 7. Alfonso Soriano (LF) – This won’t stroke the ego of the over-priced slugger, but where else should he be?
  • I wonder how much Soriano would pout if you stuck him 7th.
  • I would trade Z to the Yanks for nothing if they agree to take Soriano as well.
  • Unfortunately, it would also mean that the top of the lineup ran at glacial speeds.
  • I’m fed up with shoddy play & shoddy fundamentals
  • you are a day late and $120M short. Lee is a Philly now.
  • check with Lizzie regarding use of “asswipe”
  • Maybe Quade has a sense of humor…
  • Considering the options at 1B, I think the Cubs did quite well.
  • Koyie Hill didn’t get non-tendered? What is going on around here?
  • I’m also worried Hendry is gonna get into these deferred dollars contracts like he got into No-Trade Clauses
  • Hendry isn’t paying Pena $10M to be platooned.
  • Let’s just say my Favre dangled in the wind more then I would like to say!
  • I shared the Cliff Lee signing shock with everybody else.  Then of course, was subjected to eighty different baseball writers breaking down his contract like it is the national deficit or something.
  • Cubs:
    Carlos Zamrano
    Ryan Dempster
    The Bee Gees
    Eat Me
    I don’t care……..
  • How can you hope to keep your loyal and large fan base happy by raising ticket prices year over year and saying you need to curtail spending……all the while your counterparts are out throwing money at good players to become even better then they were?
  • Zambrano could fall anywhere from top 10 on his best days and outside of 100 on his worst.
  • They have scouts that find the right players, they have coaches that help them improve, and they have management that can tell which ones have it and which ones don’t. Do the Cubs have any of these things?
  • What a time to be a Phillies fan…
  • I feel like the Phillies are prepared to show up to the gun fight with M-16’s and we have swiss army knives
  • It will be interesting to see how the talking heads react if the Phillies don’t win the World Series.
  • I met Harry Hamlin in L.A. once. He seemed nice, but I don’t want him pitching for the Cubs either.
  • I read somewhere that the key to hitting Harry Hamlin is to step in looking for a first pitch fastball.
  • Hamlin hasn’t been the same since LA Law, his tommy john surgery took 10mph off his fastball.
  • Too bad. He could have been the next Jimmy Smits.
  • I met James Bond. Not 007, just some guy named James Bond.
  • how can you not like a movie with Pussy Galore in it.
  • We Got Wood
  • If you have Wood in the Morning, all of your problems are psychological, and not physical. Therefore, we should infer that this team can come thru given the proper attention. I’m looking for a bang-up new year.
  • I respect his baseball knowledge when he’s talking about something he’s not biased on, but he obviously just wants to stick it to the cubs whenever he can. And quite frankly Steve, it’s getting old.
  • I think the only thing that ruined Pie was Pie, specifically his love for swinging at pitches out of the strike zone.
  • I like Hendry, I think he runs the front office with honesty and integrity but I think his philosophy of depending on declining veterans is an expensive way to fail which minimizes the teams ability to develop young players.
  • Paul Reuschel
  • Must be tough even to be the “handsome Reuschel”
  • If I’m gonna wake up with a man, at least I want him experienced
  • the question was IF YOU COULD LOOK LIKE ONE OF THESE GUYS, not wake up with one of these guys. Put it on your list for Santa and leave us out of that wish.
  • Hector Villanueva
  • The kid still has his hair, and these days, that’s a bug improvement for me.
  • I don’t want to look like any of them, just want their contract.
  • the idea of not getting my inflated head through the door doesn’t sound appealing .
  • I always wanted hair like Henry Cotto.
  • Rudy Meoli
  • I had hair like Jose Cardinal back in the day of big hair.


  • Like my wife, he is tall and slim with long, dark hair.

Monday Morning Discussion Question

Last week Seymour Butts raised an interesting point I’d like to discuss further. To refresh your memory, here is the main context of Seymour’s post:

[Re: Kerry Wood] I have met him twice and it provides a neat case study in context. The first time I was a about 50 yr old in the stands trying to get him to autograph a ball. He eventually did but seemed miffed that an old guy wanted his autograph. I was decked out in cub regalia, but I suppose could have been an autograph seller, so I understood his standoffishness.
The second time I met him was in a restaurant in Scottsdale. Jody Davis introduced him to me (and the rest of my fantasy team). He was friendly, talkative and courteous. Where you see people , and under what circumstances makes a huge difference.

So here’s the question. Do you feel pleasant fan interaction is part of a ballplayer’s job duties? Or do you feel they have a right to be aloof? I’ve got mixed feelings, which is why I’m anxious to hear yours. I think for the millions of dollars they are being paid, they take on a certain responsibility to their fans and need to make themselves courteously available. On the other hand, people are nasty. I wouldn’t want to have to deal with rude, pushy fans who feel they have the right to be as obnoxious as possible, seeming even to enjoy it. So it’s a tossup for me. You?

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