Good morning! You’ll forgive me, I’m sure, for jumping right into the week in review. I’ve got to go blow. Snow. Blow snow. With my big snow blower. Get yer minds outta the gutter. ;-)


  • My wife and I just named our 8 month old son’s teddy bear “Ron Santo.”
  • Geo Jr. = Wellington Castillo. I think they look pretty much identical…Lizzy may disagree.
  • Please teach Alfonso Soriano how to swing only at strikes. If he’s receptive to your suggestions, maybe you can work on his defense as well.
  • Please help Carlos Marmol improve his control. It doesn’t have to be dramatic, but just a little better command would do wonders for my blood pressure.
  • Castro appears to be the real deal, so I don’t want him damaged, injured, scratched, crumpled, inconvenienced, or disturbed in any way.
  • now i only ask for hendry to pull his head out of his butt . no offense seymour .
  • Does Santa hit left-handed? If so, maybe he can play 1B.
  • the best vision floating through my head was of ole Trader Jim, lounging in his Cubs suite/war room, watching reruns of Ren and Stimpy and trying to figure out which cheap and mediocre option they would sign as first sacker next year.
  • if anybody wants to give me an award, do it when I am alive please.
  • I sat on the toilet so long following my twitter feeds regarding the winter meetings that I forgot why I was there in the first place and I lost feeling in my legs.
  • don’t sit on the toilet too long, you’ll get hemrhoids… gravity is a cruel mistress
  • Hemi’s run in my family.
  • Has a habit of selling a pickle as a cucumber.
  • There was some sort of kid-in-the-bleachers quality about Ronnie.
  • He deserves the HOF but I don’t think they deserve him.
  • Do your job.
  • Give them nothing and make them think.
  • Pitching was not the problem over the last few years, hitting was.
  • I go to restaurants for the food and I return based on the service.


  • take the biggest Cub fan you know and imagine, but before they became a fan,  they actually played for the Cubs and over the course of a decade became one of the best Cub players  ever.  Now take that person and make him an unwavering ambassador and the voice of the Cubs over the radio for years to come.  All the while he has the keen baseball sense of a nine time all-star mixed with the heart of a 10 year old and the will of a superhero.  That was Ron Santo.

Monday Morning Discussion Question

Today’s “question” consists of some options for you, depending on what your chat preferences are this morning!

  • If you’re in the mood to talk baseball and dissect this yet again (even though it seems like we’ve done it ad nauseum all off-season long): MLB’s winter meetings came and went with the Cubs’ big move being the Pena signing. What’s still needed? Or should they just tuck in now and wait for spring?
  • If you’re in the mood to discuss my blizzard, rank your seasons in order of preference. Here’s mine: Fall, Spring, Winter, Summer. That does indeed seem odd since I’m such a baseball fan and an avid gardener. But I hate the heat, and I love the snow! Other than the wicked winds, today is my kinda day! You?
  • If you’re not in the mood to discuss anything, you might want to save up for Joe’s Lineup Discussion tomorrow morning. You’ve got today to prepare your card!

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