*Note to the reader: The following is laced with all types of negativity and frustration.

It’s December and it’s cold.

It’s @#%@# cold!!!!!! Below 20 degrees is only acceptable in January and February.  December is supposed to ease us in slowly.

*A side note, for those of you that hit the sauce, do you drink different liquor in the winter? For instance I drink Tequila during the summer months but switch to Scotch in the Winter, single malt, nothing ridiculous, any Glen will do.

December is that time of the year when I put away the summer drink and head to the store to stock up on winter beverages.  We all know that a little booze helps when we receive news like, “Adrian Gonzalez just got traded to the Red Sox!”

Which brings up my first Random thought……..

Random thought #1

What’s it like at the winter meetings?  I don’t mean the experience, I am talking about the setup….the schedule.  Low and behold Keith Law, Senior MLB Writer for ESPN.com, weighed in with his description during the “Live Winter Meetings Chat” on ESPN.com yesterday:


There are only a few actual meetings – the scouting directors will all meet, the farm directors will all meet, I think I saw the AGMs had a meeting this morning. Most of the time, each front office is hanging out in its team suite, waiting for the phone to ring or setting up meetings with other teams or agents on the fly. There’s a lot of down time for front office people – these meetings are much more interesting for me now that I’m on the media side than they were for me on the team side.

Interesting yes? Maybe not, but the best vision floating through my head was of ole Trader Jim, lounging in his Cubs suite/war room, watching reruns of Ren and Stimpy and trying to figure out which cheap and mediocre option they would sign as first sacker next year.   Can you tell I am a little flustered with our current place in the market?

Random thought #2

How many teams worth their salt do you think are knocking on the Cubs door looking for young, talented, unproven players (AKA Minor League prospects) in exchange for their talented veterans who can make a difference now?

How about none!

Apparently the Cubs had a chat with the Padres about Gonzalez but it didn’t last long.  In other words it went something like this….

Jim Hendry: Hey guys, I am here to inquire about Adrian?

Padres: Who are you offering up?

Jim: Nobody good, just some of our minor leaguers who are nowhere near the top of the crop.

Padres: Yah, well, the Red Sox actually want to win now!  I tell you what Jim, we are headed to their suite now, wanna come see how a team gets the guy they really want?

You see where I am headed here, very flustered!!!!!!! I wanted Adrian, I wanted him badly. He fits so many of our needs.  Now the Red Sox have him, and worse,  they have him right where they want him for negotiations on a longer deal…..they didn’t get it done yet, but if he has the season he should have they won’t let him go.

Random Thought #3

I sat on the toilet so long following my twitter feeds regarding the winter meetings that I forgot why I was there in the first place and I lost feeling in my legs. Is that bad?

Random Thought #4

I have been battling with something in regards to Ron Santo and the Hall of Fame.  Do I want to see him get elected now?

I want it to happen for his family, and the Cubs, and his fans but the taste may be to bitter to handle.

Part of seeing him being elected into the Hall was seeing his reaction.  Now we don’t get that and it just won’t seem right.

Maybe I am wrong in thinking that way, but I will go on record as saying this….if anybody wants to give me an award, do it when I am alive please.

Random Thought #5

Ron Santo will be missed.  I just realized that one of my little treats in life will be no more.  My drive home after a long day at work while listening to Pat and Ron wrap up the final few innings of a Cubs game will be a little less rewarding going forward.  There is no way they will ever replace Ronnie in the booth.

One can’t recreate what he was and what he meant to this organization.  I have tried to describe it to a few people like this…..take the biggest Cub fan you know and imagine, but before they became a fan,  they actually played for the Cubs and over the course of a decade became one of the best Cub players  ever.  Now take that person and make him an unwavering ambassador and the voice of the Cubs over the radio for years to come.  All the while he has the keen baseball sense of a nine time all-star mixed with the heart of a 10 year old and the will of a superhero.  That was Ron Santo.

It has been a long week if you are a Cub fan, go out and grab your favorite winter beverage and settle in for an even longer winter.

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