Good morning Cubs fans! And whoever else happens by. All are welcome. Especially in the off season, where we have precious little to discuss. Frankly I’d have preferred having nothing to talk about rather than the punch in the gut we all took last week (Santo) but it was therapeutic to reminisce and pay tribute to one of our favorites.


  • That DeCarlo guy could rake.
  • girlie’s are welcome
  • Yes, it’s a waste of time and energy, but what else are we supposed to do in December? Watch the NBA?
  • That’s my favorite Bon Jovi song.
  • as long as we don’t pick up AAAron Miles again I am OK with it.
  • the NFL seems to issue more drug suspensions and deal with more player criminal activity than every other sport combined. And nobody seems to care.
  • It’s starting to taste like a rice cake.
  • The good news is this, we won’t be able to afford him.
  • And look at this years Giants, won it all with a line up even their Mothers had doubts about.
  • Many people mocked Ron Santo for his broadcasting style, but I loved his heart and soul!
  • In an era where Announcer’s are starting to sounds canned and robotic, Ronnie was a breath of fresh air.
  • If you haven’t seen “This Old Cub,” it’s worth your time.
  • It is so disappointing to see a beloved Cub legend leaves this world without seeing the Cubs win a World Series.
  • Ron said, “It’s so cold I can’t feel my feet.”
  • You will be missed and treasured, Ron. Thanks for the memories.
  • I thank Joe Morgan and his idiotic mindset, and that of the other HoFers like him for Ronnie’s non inclusion.
  • RIP #10. You’re in a much better place.
  • He was just as affable as he seemed on the radio, and giving of his time when many were seeking it.
  • I’m proud to be a Santo fan even more, knowing that the person matched the personality.
    God Bless you Ronnie .
  • Rest in peace Ron.
  • At least he was here to see his number 10 flag flying in Wrigley.
  • You are a HALL OF FAMER in our hearts.
  • Let’s keep him for ourselves.
  • sometimes its important to look at the things that really matter…health and family.


  • Rest in peace, Ron. We will miss you.

Monday Morning Discussion Question

It seems almost sacrilegious to talk about anything other than Ron Santo so you should all continue to feel welcome to talk about him as you wish. Meantime, we’ll try to look forward. There’s been a lot of Winter Meetings speculation as they begin today in Orlando. What do you expect from the Cubs this week?

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