Good Monday morning and Happy Short Week! I truly love Thanksgiving week and I wish you and yours a wonderful holiday in whatever spirit you choose to celebrate. In the meantime, let’s talk Cubs! Last week our discussion question asked you to list your favorites on the current roster. Using my special Girlie-version of sabermetrics (cough) I tallied up the results and here’s how it ended up:

1. Ryan Dempster
2. Geovany Soto
3. Carlos Marmol
Honorable mentions to Marlon Byrd, Starlin Castro, Randy Wells!


  • It’s kind of sad that my list of favorite players is completely different than who I would have picked last year.
  • Occasionally a hot dog wrapper’s worth of news will blow by but outside of that it’s rather stale and vacant.
  • how about another 4 years, yah, something similar to the massive failure we just endured?
  • The first half he is worth 2.5 and the last half of the season he is worth 500K.
  • Each year it becomes more obvious that the people who vote for gold gloves basically have no idea what they’re doing.
  • It will not be Micah Hoffpauir.
  • teach the kid to love the Cubs…he’ll learn how to lose with dignity soon enough…
  • it’s a sad day when your 10 year old can stick handle around you like you are a tree


  • I throw games for personal satisfaction…the happier my wife is, the happier I am.

Monday Morning Discussion Question

As promised, today’s your opportunity to list your three least favorite Cubbies on the current roster. I’m not a big fan of negativity so please be nice about it. :-) I’ll start. My three least favorite Cubs are (in no particular order): John Grabow (ok, maybe he was in order), Alfonso Soriano, and Carlos Zambrano. I’m sure they’re all lovely men and because it’s Thanksgiving week I’m thankful for them, I’m just not thankful they are Cubs. Your turn!

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