I played UNO the other night with Mrs. VFTB and the almost 5 year old. We’ve just recently taught him how to play and he’s picking it up quickly. He trounced us pretty good in our matchup. What I found funny was Mrs. VFTB’s reluctance to play the “mean cards” on the little man. She’d play those cards as a last resort and instead chose to unload most of them on me. Me on the other hand had no problem dumping the cards on him considering the fact that he was winning. Is that wrong? I think it’s important to teach him how to win with humility and lose with dignity. I enjoy teaching him the losing part the most. =)

The Headlines

Who’s On First?

One thing is settled. It will not be Micah Hoffpauir. In case you don’t follow us on twitter, Hoff has agreed on terms of a contract with the Nippon Ham Fighters. Not to be mean, but good riddance for the simple fact that I’m sick of people suggesting he’s a viable option for the Cubs. In other news, Carrie Muskat fielded questions about the position recently in her mailbag. Everyone has their own opinions on Muskat or a beat reporter in general, but it’s worth a read.

Jason Stark mentioned that the Cubs have not been in the Adam Dunn rumors, which surprises me because of all the rumors we heard before free agency started that he was the guy they were going to target. The holdup appears to be his defense. We knew that was an issue going in, but I believe he’d add the kind of power this lineup needs. He’s still my choice.

The Ricketts Plan for Wrigley

Why Dye no have job?

Back in February, Ozzie Guillen tweeted that he was curious as to why Jermaine Dye was unemployed heading into spring training. Dye would reject an offer from the Cubs, who would instead sign Xavier Nady. Dye would remain unemployed all year. I wonder if he was able to collect unemployment. A few days ago, Carrie Muskat happened to mention that he was still looking for work, but would not accept a minor league deal despite the fact that no one signed him to a Major League deal last year. Apparently he’s been contacted by three teams, but doesn’t he realize that he’s not really in any position to be demanding?

The Trivia

What follows below are three clues to consider when guessing the mystery ballplayer. See how many clues it takes before you can correctly guess. Start with clue # 1 and work your way through. Good luck. If you’re interested in more of these, they can be found in the book, Name that Ballplayer by Wayne Stewart

Clue # 1 – Not until Johnny Bench came along did most experts change their opinion on which player was the greatest catcher ever. The player in question here had been, almost universally, accepted as the best. This Yankee wore a single-digit uniform number.

Clue # 2 – In fact, he shared his # 8 with Yogi Berra, an oddity that both men are listed as having that jersey number retired by the same team.

Clue # 3 – This all-time great had the initials, “B.D.”

Click Here for the Answer

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