Sifting through November baseball news is like wandering through a shuttered fun park.  The rides are all still there but…. “Sorry Folks, park’s closed!”

Occasionally a hot dog wrapper’s worth of news will blow by but outside of that it’s rather stale and vacant.

Which brings me to a tidbit that Joe added to his weekly news column.  Apparently Kosuke Fukudome purchased a home on Lakeshore Dr. making me ask a simple question…….Why now?

Kosuke is in the last year of his four year deal and has been linked to a rumor involving a trade with the Red Sox and his Japanese counterpart, Daisuke.  I guess this sort of squashes that huh? One would think Kosuke is on his way out of town not setting his roots.

So why buy now after renting for three years?  Don’t get me wrong, I get the rent vs. buy mentality for a major leaguer, but why buy in the last year?  It kind of creeps me out and I sort of feel like Hendry pulled him aside and said, “how about another 4 years, yah, something similar to the massive failure we just endured?  Go buy yourself a house in the city, put down some roots, this is your new American home, we are gonna lock you down for good.”  (excuse me, while I clean up the vomit from my keyboard)

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike Kosuke as a ballplayer.  His pinwheel swing drives me nuts but he can bunt and play the field well.  He is worth about 3 million per year in my book.  The first half he is worth 2.5 and the last half of the season he is worth 500K.

I know the housing market is at the bottom but there must be some other reason he rented for three years and now he is buying.  I can’t get past this, I mean, I know it is ridiculous but this is the Cubs after all.  Expect the worst right? (Oh boy, that was the Cubbie Ugly coming out in me)

So what gives? Does he know an extension is coming his way? Does he just love Chicago and has decided he wants some property here? Did he find his dream home after three years of looking and couldn’t say no?  It all just seems odd to me.

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