Let’s get right to the week in review, but don’t miss our discussion question at the end. Have a great Monday!


  • If he scrubbed any toilets, he has a first hand view of the Cubs next two seasons.
  • I like Hoarders and Intervention…you know from the start that those nut jobs are going to relapse as soon as the cameras shut off.
  • Hope you don’t hate the Cubs forever, but it was better for all parties to not sully your name with what’s coming.
  • Cubbie Cute fans are the ones who hope that Ryne Sandberg will manage and Harry Caray will fall from the heavens and broadcast for the Cubs if only for  just one more summer.
  • Some root with their heads, some root with their hearts, and some do a bit of both.
  • Maybe we can get Fontenot back because his hair was groovy.
    maybe I can tune into ESPN baseball again once in awhile.
  • “No more designated hitter!”
  • Is that all that different than saying his Mom thought it was very nice?
  • Fundamentally sound guys like that always are my favorites.


  • In other, more important news, Jon Miller and Joe Morgan are no longer doing ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball!!!

Monday Morning Discussion Question

On Friday, Buddy admirably covered his favorite Cubs of all time and lots of folks chimed in (see it here if you missed it!) so I’m going to piggy-back off that a little bit. Who are your favorite three Cubs on the team NOW? Sorry, I realize this makes it a smidgen more difficult than Buddy’s question. :-) Go figure, I don’t think anyone mentioned any current Cubs as their favorites! (Sneak peak: Next week maybe we’ll talk about our current least favorites. Easier?)

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