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November 8, 2010

GirlieView (11/07/2010)

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Well here we are, Monday again. How does it come around so quickly?

Two weeks ago, I asked y’all to predict who was going to win the World Series and in how many games. Big props to jswanson who picked the Giants in 6, the closest guess. Shout outs to Chuck and Doc Raker who also picked the Giants, but in 7. Everyone else picked the Rangers or didn’t care. Rich Beckman, even though he picked the Rangers, had the number of games exactly right! Way to go guys! Thanks all around for playing along!

Enjoy the week in review, and don’t miss the discussion question at the end!


  • There is nothing uglier that a parent yelling at a 10 year old kid during a game that is supposed to be fun.
  • Keep doing it the right way, Chuck.
  • 1) DH
    2) Titanium rope necklace things
    3) Stepping out of the box between every pitch in order to put on a batting glove adjustment clinic
  • Here’s a guy who’s fast! Here’s a guy who can throw hard!
  • It is what it is.
  • Bat flipping, spinning, helicoptering, etc. immediately after a home run swing.
  • “At the end of the day”…..
  • It’s former Iowa Cubs manager, Pat Listach. (Insert crickets chirping)
  • Nobody can touch Kyle Farnsworth.
  • yep, he can kick the crap out of the toughest of fans.
  • Michael Barrett votes for Carlos Zambrano.
  • I get this sinking feeling that we are about to experience a very dull off-season for the Cubs.
  • 7) Cubs win 81 games or more in 2011. I’m putting that right above signing Cliff Lee, which is right above Mike Quade showing up in spring training with a thick afro.
  • I clicked on it to see what they were saying about Derek and he wasn’t even mentioned. Some other dude named Lee is also a free agent. Who knew?
  • Good lessons for Quade, Soriano, Aram and Zambrano to ponder.


  • Sit down, Shut up, Drink your beer and Watch the game!

Monday Morning Discussion Question

Todd Ricketts appeared on Undercover Boss last night. Did you watch? And if you did, what did you think?

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  • Buddy

    I’d rather get kicked in the nuts every day for a month than watch “reality” TV.

  • Dr van Nostrand

    If a manager can’t grow a mustache, he can always have a Listach. Ok, that is officially my last hairless joke.

  • cap’n obvious

    I’m with Buddy on this one…watching the Cubs play crappy baseball is about all the “reality” TV I can stand. Did anything remotely surprising or insightful happen? I doubt it.

  • MJ

    If he scrubbed any toilets, he has a first hand view of the Cubs next two seasons.

  • Seymour Butts

    I hate reality TV, but I watched it and liked it (recorded and FF thru commercials). For the first time I feel good about the Rickets owning the Cubs instead of me. I think they are the caring, benevolent dictator types that are the best form of government. The premise of the show is one that has good potential for improving a business. Listen to the guys who do the work, step in their shoes and you can know what needs to change for the better.
    It will have no impact on the win-loss records of the team, but it makes you happy that somebody who cares owns the team.

  • Seymour Butts

    Oh, yeah, the reason I recorded it instead of watching it live (other than that I rarely watch anything with commercials other than sports live), is that I was watching one of the real feel good stories of the NFL season. The absolute trashing of the Cowboys. Who didn’t have their heart warmed by the total ineptitude of the Dallas Cowboys. Listening to the announcers was so much fun I will have to watch it over and over during the next weekend as the Pack has a bye.

  • Doc Raker

    The Cowboys are the Yankee’s of the NFL in that a Cowboy loss always brightens my day.

  • Terrelle Pryor 2

    Didn’t see it, but I met Todd Ricketts last week. Got him to sign a baseball for my boss

  • Terrelle Pryor 2

    Dam it, forgot to get follow up emails.

  • jswanson

    After working in the software development game, it has become glaringly apparent that upper management looks at coders as infastructure. Get used to it. As much as Undercover Boss show tries to put a human face on mundane jobs, the corportate scene will always be a damned rat race. I like Hoarders and Intervention…you know from the start that those nut jobs are going to relapse as soon as the cameras shut off.

  • Chuck

    I have watched the show a couple of times and it always amuses me when corner-office types have to do real physical labor. Then they have the epiphany that there are people out there who actually work for a living as opposed to calling an endless series of meetings “work”. The cynical side of me thinks that these shows are used as PR stunts where an exec can be seen lavishing rewards on lower level peons who they would never lower themselves to speaking to normally.

  • walterj

    watched it last night and it was so scripted as every other undercover boss . very predictable . do i think todd was sincere ? yes . do i think more of him for doing it ? not really . there was nothing original to it compared to all the other businesses that were shown on there . what i found amusing was , after he decided to pay for the remaining four hotdogs ….why didn’t he just give them to the fans instead of throwing them away ? thats a cooperate thinker for you . also they fessed up at cutting costs by not paying for a trailer without asking the guys at the bottom of their point of view . another cooperate thinker there . by bringing it back they will more than likely cut a cost somewhere else . the rickets will spend their money VERY wisely , but they are already showing they are cooperate thinkers by not first talking to the people who do the work and thinking first about the almighty dollar .

  • http://Putts4Bux Dennis Biesma

    I’ve been a lifelong Cubs fan, all the way back to 68 and 69, which are my earliest memories of the Cubs. I used to attend games by myself in the early 70s, sitting in the last column of seats on the left field side so that after the game I could put up the seats all the way around, and earn a free pass into another game. 40 -50 games that year….paid for only two.

    I watched the show, and came away feeling somewhere between disheartened and ambivalent. To me, it seemed as if Todd Rickets didn’t have much of a clue. Let me explain.

    The first job he did, the restrooms, I actually felt for him, and what he tried to do int the time allotted for him to do it. I’m a quality engineer by trade, and during a period of unemployment, I took a janitorial job to help pay the bills. I lasted about two weeks, because I couldn’t keep up with the pace of work they were expecting. It’s not easy work at all.

    The hot dog vendor job really left me scratching my head. Is this the way the new owners really want to be seen? Taking shortcuts and lying to cover their a$$? This was the most disheartening part of the show.

    The parking lot job. I like that he felt that the Cubs had cut costs without really thinking about what they were doing, nor asking their employees (oops, associates) what they thought might reduce costs. However, they just went with the easy correction…give them back the trailer. A wise boss would have looked into the situation. Yes, it gets cold early in the season, and I can see the need for a heater, even an AC unit in the dog-days of summer. Couldn’t that hut have been outfitted with a heater and small AC unit, rather than spend all that money to bring back the old (or a new) trailer? That might have been an acceptable solution, and probably cheaper too.

    I don’t think they spent enough time with the grounds crew, or in the scoreboard, other than to figure that the scoreboard job would be one of the coolest in the world.

    Time will tell on the Ricketts family, but my first real impression wasn’t favorable.

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