Well here we are, Monday again. How does it come around so quickly?

Two weeks ago, I asked y’all to predict who was going to win the World Series and in how many games. Big props to jswanson who picked the Giants in 6, the closest guess. Shout outs to Chuck and Doc Raker who also picked the Giants, but in 7. Everyone else picked the Rangers or didn’t care. Rich Beckman, even though he picked the Rangers, had the number of games exactly right! Way to go guys! Thanks all around for playing along!

Enjoy the week in review, and don’t miss the discussion question at the end!


  • There is nothing uglier that a parent yelling at a 10 year old kid during a game that is supposed to be fun.
  • Keep doing it the right way, Chuck.
  • 1) DH
    2) Titanium rope necklace things
    3) Stepping out of the box between every pitch in order to put on a batting glove adjustment clinic
  • Here’s a guy who’s fast! Here’s a guy who can throw hard!
  • It is what it is.
  • Bat flipping, spinning, helicoptering, etc. immediately after a home run swing.
  • “At the end of the day”…..
  • It’s former Iowa Cubs manager, Pat Listach. (Insert crickets chirping)
  • Nobody can touch Kyle Farnsworth.
  • yep, he can kick the crap out of the toughest of fans.
  • Michael Barrett votes for Carlos Zambrano.
  • I get this sinking feeling that we are about to experience a very dull off-season for the Cubs.
  • 7) Cubs win 81 games or more in 2011. I’m putting that right above signing Cliff Lee, which is right above Mike Quade showing up in spring training with a thick afro.
  • I clicked on it to see what they were saying about Derek and he wasn’t even mentioned. Some other dude named Lee is also a free agent. Who knew?
  • Good lessons for Quade, Soriano, Aram and Zambrano to ponder.


  • Sit down, Shut up, Drink your beer and Watch the game!

Monday Morning Discussion Question

Todd Ricketts appeared on Undercover Boss last night. Did you watch? And if you did, what did you think?

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