Outside of the off-season starting things are a little quiet on the corner this week.  This will be short and sweet.

For some strange reason I get this sinking feeling that we are about to experience a very dull off-season for the Cubs.

Ricketts is looking to make his mark on this team and if I was a betting man, which I am, I would ride the odds that he feels improvement will come from within.   He has recently stated that big splashy free agent moves will be but a thing of the past.

This leaves us all wondering if there will be any fireworks this off season.  Maybe the biggest news flash we get is regarding Mike Quade’s coaching staff? yawn.

Anywho, I have only one task for the readers today…..

Rank, in order of probability, the following off-season items:

1) Carlos Zambrano gets traded

2) Cubs sign Cliff Lee

3) Cubs sign Adam Dunn

4) Cubs trade Soriano

5) Cubs trade/sign a top tier reliever

6) Cubs enter spring training without doing any of the above

Have a great week folks!

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