Good Monday Morning VFTB’ers and welcome to the lovely month of November! Does it annoy you that I’m so chipper on Monday mornings? Speaking of things that annoy you, don’t miss our discussion question at the end of the column about pet peeves.

I can’t report on last week’s discussion question because I asked who will win the World Series and thus far no one has done so. So we’ll hold off on that until next week. I’ve been enjoying the games, you? I have a bit of a crush on Buster Posey, you?

Joe and I haven’t had a chance to get together so he can tell me about his plans after analyzing the thoughts and suggestions you provided during the Annual VFTB Reader Survey, but I can tell you a few things that have been implemented already based on your feedback.

  1. Comments via email. If you post a comment and check the little box at the bottom (“Notify me of followup comments via email”), subsequent comments will be sent to your inbox for your perusal. It’s great for those who like it, and also great for those who don’t (just don’t check the box!)
  2. Discussion questions at the end of every post. We haven’t been religious about this but at least semi-holy.
  3. Post a schedule. See upper right. Although it’s a tentative schedule that we don’t always meet, we try our best to stick with it.
  4. Change the time of the daily new-post notification email. It used to show up oh, say, maybe 4 or 5am. Now it’s around 10am (central).

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head. There may be more, and there will probably be more on the way. If you have any comments/complaints/kudos about the changes please speak up. We’re always interested in what you have to say even if it’s about administrative-type stuff.

On to the week in review!


  • Moving forward my solution for the black hole that is third base is pray the base ball Gods gift the Cubs with another quality third baseman in the next five years.
  • Steve Stone is an arrogant self-absorbed schmuck that harbors a grudge with the Cubs.
  • How did Aaron Miles not make that list?
  • The entire Cub bullpen threw BP to opposing hitters for this whole season
  • Manny Ramirez – In a word: NO
  • I = Ichiro = Japanese
    M = Matsui = Left-Handed
    Fukudome = F = I + M
  • I want [the] Cubbies to win without hearing that we needed extra playoff spots to do it.
  • But unless you think we are one Lee away from a serious playoff run (I don’t) then you pass).
  • For him, being crazy is like eating potato chips. You can stop for a while, but as soon as you slip and have a little you end up having a lot.


  • if you drink enough while watching and you squint your eyes real tight, the Rangers uniforms will look a lot like Cubs uniforms.

Monday Morning Discussion Question

I’ve talked about pet peeves in past columns (bag lickers, for instance) but never baseball-related pet peeves. So here goes … What are your baseball pet peeves? I’ll start you off with one of mine: Players who watch themselves on the jumbotron. Go!

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