This just in, Ryan Theriot is Bad – Baseball Reference released a list of the worst offensive players in 2010 that qualified for the batting title using adjusted OPS. The worst? Cesar Izturis. Number 3 on the list? None other than Ryan Theriot. (View the List)

Fox tags Ozzie to analyze stuff – For some reason, Fox feels like the World Series is not big enough. They’ve got to make it bigger and more worth watching. How do you do that? Hire Ozzie Guillen, of course. What makes me laugh is how television stations freak out now since the Janet Jackson thing, yet they continue to push the envelope with moves like this. Either go all in and not worry about what you’re going to hear and/or see, or don’t hire guys like Guillen. Me, I don’t want to hear him on there for no other reason than I can’t understand a single thing the guy says.

Mike Quade is a BP God – Rick Morrissey had a piece about Quade’s travel’s coming through the minors. What stood out to me was this snippet.

And it wasn’t just that Quade threw perfect pitches where other batting-practice pitchers couldn’t find the strike zone with a guide dog. It was that he was an iron man.

”We had a stretch of maybe 40-plus days where it was 90 degrees in the South Atlantic League, and Mike was out there throwing BP to the entire team,” Cheek said. ”He wasn’t doing it in shifts. He was doing it every day to everybody.” (Source)

Girardi is Going Back to NY? – If you believe what you read, then that’s exactly the case. Three years at a total of $10 mil. (Source)

Ricketts is gonna be on TV – Not Tom, but Todd. If you watch Undercover Boss, you probably already know this. If not, tune in on November 7 to watch the episode.

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