Good Monday morning! We’ve got some ground to cover here today so let’s get to it!

Last Week’s Discussion Question

In last week’s column I asked you to guess who will make up the World Series this year. Well, now we know! Congrats to the following folks who correctly picked Texas vs. San Francisco!

  • CubbieDude
  • Doc Raker
  • Joe Aiello

Survey Results

Last week I also promised some further results from our VFTB Annual Reader Survey. This week I’ll cover the question “Which of the following types of posts would you enjoy reading?” Respondents (64 total) were able to pick more than one type. Here’s how it went:

With these results in mind, you should all be pleased to know that Joe picked up the duty of news reporter and his “In the News” column debuted this week.

We received many suggestions in the free-form comment areas of the survey and Joe is analyzing these as we speak to determine what we can implement here based on your opinions and suggestions. I can cover some things we WON’T be implementing:

  • Cash prizes – tell ya what, you guys send the cash and we’ll be more than happy to find ways to award it. :-)
  • Gratuitous nudity – we wouldn’t want to try to compete with the many, many web based resources which are already fluent in this type of content.
  • More Illinois-based commenters – we can’t really control where our audience lives.
  • Make the Cubs a better team – oh how I wish we could produce this!

We’ll be back another time to talk about some things that we will be doing moving forward, and perhaps solicit some further discussion based on your ideas. Thanks again for all the great suggestions!

Now onto our weekly recap!


  • Cubs v Royals
  • I’d like to see Jim Hendry work out a deal with Geo to buy out his three arbitration years
  • Now, I’m on the let-the-kids-play bandwagon, as far as backup catchers are concerned.
  • [Guzman] was just coming into his own and was a guy the bullpen really could have used this past season.
  • I don’t want to see Ryno run this team in 2011 because (a) they’ll suck and he’ll take the blame, and (b) it’s not like he has magic powers.
  • 2 year deal for Quade. Cannot say that I hate this.
  • It’s all about getting this craptastic roster to perform, and he did show that he could do that… least for a few months.
  • 24-13 = 96-52 (very unsabermetric math).
  • Like kissing your sister, they say.
  • Is your sister cute?
  • no more no trade clauses.
  • On the upside, the beer lines at Wrigley should once again be manageable next year!
  • There is no correct answer, just degrees of wrongness.
  • I would rather see a fan pulled out of the stands to play 1B over LaHair, Hoffpauir, or Nady.
  • I mean, I knew he was our Third Base coach but outside of that……nothing.
  • Managing is different then playing folks!
  • The orchestration of egos, checkbooks, attitudes and desire actually mean more then teaching the subtle nuances of fielding or hitting.
  • This is your garden variety Cub fan at it’s finest, screw what is good for the team it will just be cool to have Ryno out there.
  • Changes need to be made to players mentalities where these fundemental deficiencies are concerned.
  • The way the roster looks, he’ll need a LOT of luck.
  • I think that if this ballclub, as currently constructed, is a .500 team next year Q could be nominated for sainthood.
  • I believe the table will be set for [Sandberg] in 2-3 yrs, with the difference between now and then being, the cards in the deck won’t be stacked against him.
  • Can’t hit a lick, but it’d be fun watching that funky stance all year.
  • My plan is to pray that Castro does not regress or get seriously injured.
  • I thought being a Yankee was being overpaid by definition.


  • The disappointment never ended but we never stopped watching.

Monday Morning Discussion Question

So, now that we know who’s playing in the World Series, who will win it and in how many games?

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