“….. and she’s on the move again!!!!” Yes indeedy, here I am occupying GirlieView’s new and exciting Monday morning time slot! I’ve always been a morning person so this feels like it’s right where I belong. Not to mention it’s a pretty cushy slot for a blogger. Gracias, Joe!!!

We wrapped up the Annual VFTB Reader Survey thrilled with our 65 responses. (Well, 64. One person answered twice.) Today I’ll review some of the more objective results, then next week we’ll talk about some of the other responses including the great commentary and suggestions we received and how we’ll be using them.

These are pretty straightforward and we’ll use the results to make decisions about scheduling etc. And we’ll do a BTS game next year. :-) We’ll talk about the less-straightforward survey questions next week.

On to the week in review!


  • I’m the spawn of a maple tree.
  • If I hear one more announcer tell me that James Russell is the son of former big leaguer Jeff Russell, I may chop off my ears.
  • To say that Grabow was awful would be an insult to all things awful.
  • Bullschlit.
  • Giant Pile of Schlitt.
  • What a motley collection of stiffs.
  • The fact that Arizona parted with Scott Maine to get the great Aaron Heilman scares me.
  • I found it odd that Ricketts did the interviews.
  • Any day is a good day that starts with cold pizza!
  • Mexican, pizza, and Asian all take back seat to cold chicken.
  • How do I loath you? Let me count the ways.
  • I’m all for Lilly coming back, on a one- or two-year deal of course.
  • If the Cubs happened to land any of these guys for next year I would have an orgasm, stroke and heart attack simultaneously.
  • Lee is by far the best guy on the market and he would be a fool not to take the semi full of Benjamins the Yanks will gladly back right into his Arkansas estate.
  • Notta lotta good on that list…
  • Are you guys taking your morning cups of joe with kahlua?
  • Reason number 278 why the Cubs weren’t very good.


  • Nothing more satisfying in the morning than a bran muffin. Of course that would be the bran muffin that you eat the day before.

Monday Morning Discussion Question

(Well, maybe more a prediction than a discussion!) With both league championship series’ tied at a game apiece, who will play in the World Series?

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