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October 14, 2010

Morning Cup ‘O Joe: Four Aces

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The league championship series for both the AL and NL start this weekend. Each of the four participants has a guy that can be considered a legit ace of a staff.

My question to you is which of the four would you pick to start for your staff, and how would you rank all four in terms of preference.

I think my first choice is Roy Halladay for the simple reason that he always works deep into the game and has shown he can flat out dominate people. From there I’d take C.C. Sabathia because of his experience in the playoffs with the Yankees. If those two were gone, I’d select Tim Lincecum. I don’t necessarily think he’s better than Lee in the playoffs, but I like his ability to make hitters look silly. If all of those guys were gone, I’d settle on Cliff Lee and be happy. After all, it’s better than Zambrano.

Check back later today when we reveal the final report cards for all of the Cubs players that were reviewed in our series.

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  • Chuck

    #1 Doc Halladay: Probably the best pitcher in the game today. He has great numbers, goes deep into games, is never hurt, has been doing it for years. Dude is a stud.
    #2a Cliff Lee: He has dominated the playoffs before. My only concern is that he has a tendancy to go through stinky periods. He also has been traded 3 times in the last couple of years. For an elite pitcher that is unusual.
    #2b Tim Lincecum: My only concern is lack of playoff experience. You never know how people will respond to the extreme pressure of the playoffs.
    #4 CC: The only reason why he is #4 is that his stuff is just not as good as the other guys. That being said, he is a top 10 pitcher. No doubt. He will get you deep into the game and keep you in the game. He is a workhorse. While that has great value over the course of a season, it means less on a per game basis.
    If the Cubs happened to land any of these guys for next year I would have an orgasm, stroke and heart attack simultaneously.

  • John

    Lee has been traded three time in past year and an half because everyone assumes that once he becomes a free agent the Yankees will give him an absurd contract the way they did with C.C.

  • wax_eagle


    has Lee or the Yankees done anything in the past three years to convince you otherwise?

    Yanks could use another starter and always have the money to do it. Especially if Petite finally decided to hang them up. Lee is by far the best guy on the market and he would be a fool not to take the semi full of Benjamins the Yanks will gladly back right into his Arkansas estate.

  • wax_eagle

    Oh and to answer the question..

    Halliday – nearly perfect in a DS game. He may not allow a hit for the rest of the post season (I would not be surprised).

    Lee – The guy is awesome and until someone beats him in the post season (or at least until he actually walks someone) I would take him over anyone but Halliday.

    Lincicum – Better game score in his 14k game than Halliday’s NH. Will feature in one of the best post season pitching match ups ever.

    CC. – Don’t get me wrong, the guy is amazing, but he doesn’t have Lincicum’s stuff or the control of Halladay or Lee.

    There is no wrong choice here. These guys are four of the top 10 pitchers in baseball right now and all of them are incredibly fearsome on the mound.

  • jswanson

    Doc –> CC –> Freak –> C Lee

    That feels so awful to have Lee at the end of that list. Tough question, but I think Doc is surely the best.

  • Deezer

    1) Doc – 2 no hitters, 1 of which was a perfect game in the past year. ‘Nuff said

    2) Lincecum – The guy just makes everyone look stupid, plus it looks like he got over whatever funk he was in earlier this season (knocks on wood)

    3) Cliff Lee – do I really need to explain it?

    4) CC – other than last year, the guy has absolutely stunk it up in the playoffs, even during his Cy Young year. I chalk up his success in the ALDS to the fact that he was playing the (at the time) punchless Twins, and even they messed him up pretty well

  • Doc Raker

    I would rather have Oswalt before CC. He has been energized since leaving Houston, he is back to being a dominant ace.

    Stat: The front three Giant starters (Linc, Cain, Sanchez) allowed 1 earned run in 23 innings of work in the Atl series. Giant starters allowed a total of 3 earned runs in 29 innings of work.

    I am curious to see how the Giant pitching staff fairs against the best line up inthe NL.

  • Buddy

    Life will be much different for Cain, Sanchez, and “Big Time Timmy Jim” vs. the Phillies.

  • Chuck

    I don’t think the Giants can score vs Doc, Roy and Hammels. You can’t win if you never score.

  • Doc Raker

    I tend to agree Chuck. I find well pitched low scoring 1 run games to be very exciting, hopefully the Giant Phillie series will deliver such baseball.

  • Mike P

    If I was a 4-man rotation together for the playoffs it would look like this: 1)Doc 2)Pettite 3)Big Time Timmy Jim 4)Lee

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