Happy Monday Evening!

Let’s get right to it. Only two items of interest today.

1. Just about one more week to be heard by completing our Annual VFTB Reader Survey. Trust that we have already been reading your suggestions and commentary and are planning changes already to better accommodate our readers. We really do hear what you’re saying. Once we close it out I’ll be doing a summary of the trends that we were able to spot and ideas we’re planning to implement thanks to your feedback. We can’t thank you enough. No joke.

2. The Lizzies!! Hope you all have a great week!


  • Welcome to the off-season.
  • The Cubs really need more players that can work counts.
  • That’s like swapping cub tickets for ballet.
  • if the general attitude is that defense doesn’t matter, we’d be hosed.
  • If fans think Dunn is a bad defensive player, wait unitl they see a full season of Prince Fielder at 1B. The league should make him change his last name.
  • Updated manager handicapping: Sandberg = 49%, Quade = 49%, Midnight joyride with hookers = 2%
  • I really don’t care what players, coaches, and executives say to reporters. They’re likely not telling the truth anyway.
  • Gee, a GM wouldn’t praise a player like Zambrano to build his perceived value on the trade market would he?
  • Perhaps you’re a decaf guy.
  • Even though he was dreadful this year, I still find myself rooting for D-Lee.
  • As for Soriano, I can’t even imagine how poorly another position change would go at this point in his career.
  • Despite the economy, there are still plenty of people with more money than brains.
  • He can’t drink a beer legally, but he sure can hit.


  • Big Z= Big mouth

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