Welcome to the off-season. We can finally put the debacle that was 2010 in the books. It’s sad because the Cubs actually played some of their best baseball after I switched from DirecTv to Dish Network, which means I lost my MLB Extra Innings package. I wasn’t able to see any of the games in September, and that was the month to watch. Anyway, we’ve got some exciting things coming up for you this off-season, beginning with report cards on each of the positions. It’s also my intention to wake you up each morning with some random nuggets. They may range from news nuggets to random musings to discussion questions to trivia. Truth is, every morning is a surprise. Before we get started, I want to remind you to take a minute to take our survey to help make the site a better place for you and for me and the entire human race (cue the Michael Jackson song). Who knows, you may even win a prize.

VFTB Roster Prediction Contest – Seeing that 2010 is over, it’s now time to predict the roster for 2011. What you need to do is submit via e-mail to: viewfromthebleachers@gmail.com the 25 players you think will comprise the opening day roster for the Cubs. This includes off-season moves. The person who correctly predicts the most players correct will win a fabulous prize. Deadline to submit your entry is midnight after the last game of the World Series. Good Luck

Carlos Zambrano Like’s Big Sticks and He Cannot Lie – Never a man to shy away from the camera, Zambrano made a little noise yesterday when asked what the Cubs needed to do this off-season.

“If I want to do something with this team, I think we need another good hitter to protect (Aramis Ramirez) and Marlon (Byrd). You know which one I’m talking about.”

Adam Dunn?

“Yeah, I want that guy,” he said. “He wants to play for us, not only this year, but two years ago he told me he wants to play at Wrigley Field badly, after he was traded to Arizona from Cincinnati. When you see a guy that wants to play for an organization and give everything he has to that organization, it says a lot. Let’s see what happens. I want to see him next year here, but if we can’t sign him, there are other guys on the free agency market we can sign to protect Ramirez and Marlon. We need that extra bat in the lineup next year.” (Source)

For the longest time, I’ve been opposed to the idea of Dunn at first, but the more I think about it the more I get a little excited about it. Nats park ranked 15th in park factor for HR in 2010 while Wrigley Field ranked 10th. Coming to Wrigley would be a nice step up for Dunn. I know the knock on him is his defense, but when was the last time (beside the freak Lee season of 2005) that the Cubs had a 40+ HR guy at first base? You know why you don’t remember? Cause it’s never happened other than 2005. Pujols has done it five times for the Cardinals. Ryan Howard has done it four times. Let’s give it a try.

That leads us to the discussion question for the day.

Should the Cubs sign Adam Dunn to play first base this off-season? If not, then you better be prepared to say who will be manning the position because Nady is a free agent and there is no one in the system even remotely close to being ready or competent enough to handle the job.

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