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October 2, 2010

Three Reasons Why I Believe Mike Quade Should Get the Job

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Here it is:  I’m supporting Mike Quade as the next manager of the Chicago Cubs.  Not that my support matters mind you.  It’s just that this website is about opinions and mine is that Quade has earned his right to manage this team.  Here’s why I feel we must give this man his chance:

  • First of all it’s all about results.  This team has been in a funk all year long with a payroll only exceeded by two teams.  The Cubs traded some salary, and what happened?  Performance went up and there’s a curious coincidence between when players/managers left and when results started happening.  I don’t attribute this to bad management or performance; rather I wish to give *credit* when credit is due. Attitudes seem to be more positive, the bullpen is getting things done, and our starters aren’t getting clobbered as much.  The players (Byrd and Dempster to name a couple) seem to be giving Quade some credit, so I will too.
  • Resume – Sandberg has an impressive resume, he was my favorite going into this process, but has he coached 2300 minor league games?  Does he have three years of major league coaching in his pocket?  I’d love to see Ryno as bench coach – *learning* behind Quade and sharpening his skills, but given the choice and present reality I’m behind Quade.
  • Organizational considerations – Mike Quade has the ear and confidence of GM Jim Hendry in what amounts to a turnaround year.  The Cubs were expected to be a contender in 2010 and my sense is that they don’t intend to tear down this ballclub and rebuild.  Sandberg would be my favorite in a rebuild, he has shown us that he can develop young ballplayers and I, for one would listen to this Hall of Famer were he my development coach.  But is he ready now?  Perhaps, perhaps not. This ballclub can afford to go with a safer alternative; besides that, Quade has plenty of experience working with young ballplayers. I saw him as Iowa’s coach – his style was very “hands on” both as third base coach on the offensive side and manager on the defensive side.  He tended to position himself in the Iowa steps and he moved his defense around a lot based upon his scouting reports.  In short I like the guy’s style.

So that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.  I hope that Quade will get the job and I hope that Ryno will continue to develop his resume as Quade’s bench coach.

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  • Rich Beckman

    Since Quade took over, the team appears to actually be having FUN PLAYING baseball. I don’t know that having fun is a prerequisite for winning, but I have to believe that a given player is more likely to find that last ten percent of performance if he is having fun.

    Fun leads to winning which is more fun which leads….

    There is the problem that this is happening in games that do not matter. But what? We want a guy who fails in games that do not matter?

  • Seymour Butts

    For the same reason that Colvin earned his way on the roster, Quade has earned the managers job. Don’t forget the lack of pressure by being out of it so early actually makes it easier to be loose.
    The interesting thing is that this nice run has been due to pitching, the offence is still sub par. What I haven’t heard is anyone clamoring to give props to Rothschild, his boys, more than Rudy’s have made September bearable in an otherwise diaper load of a season.
    Quade’s success has probably eliminated my favorite candidate, Joe Girardi. If Hendry is going to raise the cub fandom ire by not giving the job to Rhyno, he can’t bypass Quade as well at this point. Rhyno would be best served being a bench coach, hopefully he feels the same way, or he will end up elsewhere.

  • Doc Raker

    I like Quade’s energy and enthusiam not to mention the results. I agree, Sandberg should be on the bench or coaching 1st or 3rd. That would seem to be a natural progression. Let’s all shave our eyebrows in support of Quade!

  • lizzie

    I think Quade should get the job, but not because he’s done well. I too like his temperament and enthusiasm and positivity, but let’s face it … the Cubs had an awful year. They were out of it. Many of the teams that they were playing were out of it. Zero pressure. Much easier to win when winning doesn’t matter. But I still think he should get the job. The Cubs aren’t expected to contend next year (sorry if that offends anyone). So if there’s no chance of playing anything other than mediocre ball, let Quade have them. Bring Sandberg in when he has half a chance of doing well, if he truly is the long-term-manager-of-choice. If he gets the job next year and they play the same as they did this year (which let’s face it, they’re being set up to do what with no budget increase and the big huge “improvement” being the consideration of Adam Dunn), no one will have any confidence in him going forward when really his success will have been pre-destined by not being given the tools to win in the first place.

  • Rick Beato

    I assume Ryne Sandberg will walk out the door if he is not given the job he has earned. Jim Hendry wants nothing to do with Ryno; he told him four years ago to go out and get the minor league seasoning. He did that to get rid of him, not thinking a Hall-of-Famer would (a) ride the buses for four years and (b) turn out to be pretty damn good at it. There were two choices that made sense when Lou left for Florida: make Trammell the interim for the rest of the season OR choose the new manager and hire him. They should have brought Sandberg in at that time. Hendry shot him down AND shot Trammel down. I assume the job is Quade’s but I do not advise Sandberg to take the bench coach job. As many as 10 teams need a manager and he should be able to take a job somewhere else.
    BY THE WAY, if I were Ricketts, I would have fired Jim Hendry the day I took over the team. He has put together a pile of lousy contracts without a clue of how to build a winner. Was Byrd a good signing? Sure. But we needed him because we wasted money on Fukie and Bradley and had no idea Colvin could play.
    Go back to March and early April. No one, not Lou, not Hendry, thought Colvin or Cashner or Castro could help this team this year. These are also the people who gave Casey McGehee away for nothing . . . I guess he ouldn’t play either. So Lizzie is right. This team will not contend in 2011. Sandberg would be better off getting a major league organization to hire him.

  • Chuck

    I would be fine with either Quade or Sandberg. The sinister side of me would hire Quade first and when the team flounders (and it will) you can fire Quade and bring in Sandberg as the “savior”.
    There were a few reasons for the turnaround:
    1) Lou was mailing it in and Quade actually cared.
    2) They got rid of Lee’s decomposing corpse.
    3) Zambrano went back on his meds.
    4) Aramis came off his 27th stint on the DL.
    5) Playing weaker expanded rosters and teams that were out of it and did not care.

  • Tom C

    I do not understand all the Byrd love around here. Well, I guess in this day and age for 3mil the Cubs could have done a lot worse. But all this love for 12HR 63RBI only 31BB in 150 games?

  • Doc

    Sandberg has stated in an interview on espn1000 that he would not take any coaching job, whether it be bench coach or 3rd base coach. In his world he’s ready to be a major league manager…don’t think so.

    Let’s see how many teams come a calling this off season.

    He’s simply not ready and this off season will show it.

    By the way Quade also has major league coaching experience with the Oakland A’s.

  • Larry Sproul

    Not sure who Ricketts gives the nod to . However he sat back way too long and let Lou snooze in the dugout . I am ok with Quade as manager . I do think that Sandberg walks if not chosen . I also agree with Rick that Hendry should have gotten a pink slip . He created the perfect storm that sunk the 2010 Cubs !!

  • Mark Strickler

    If Ryno is a lifelong Cub he will swallow his pride and polish his skills, that’s if he’s in it for the long haul. If he has to manage now I’ll understand if he takes the Toronto job or one of the others but I’m not sure it’s in his best interest to do so. If he goes somewhere else and fails he might not get the Cubs job when it becomes available; on the other hand if he takes bench coach he becomes the logical successor when Quade is finished. This is a chess game, how will Ryno play it? Sometimes guys say one thing and do another, I think that Sandberg is a smart fella.

  • Doc Raker

    The Cubs should let Ryno manage elsewhere. Let him cut his teeth somehwere else. When the Quade era ends then Sandberg can be a candidate.

  • jswanson

    I like (m)Ike.

  • kingdomusa

    Answer yourselves this question. Was Quade on the bench when Lou said” What else can I do”. Why didn’t he make suggestions to Lou on how to get the team winning. Believe me when I say Ryno is ready. Quade because he played non-contending teams that either played rookies or quit like the Brewers & Cardinals.
    The Big Question is: whose decision was it to send castro, cashner, Castillo, Chirinos & Vitters to AA when they were actually AAA prospects & 3 being major league keepers.
    Hendry kept these guys away from Ryno so he wouldn’t win big early at Iowa because it would put a ton of pressure on Lou. If Hendry did these deals at ameri-trade under Ricketts he would be gone.

    If Quade is so good, lets see if he gets any outside offers or interviews like ryno will. Its pretty simple to figure out who the Cub fans want just by looking at the polls.
    If Ryno takes another job he won’t be back. Do you really blame him because Hendry is definitely afraid of his popularity.

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