Happy Wednesday!

I wrapped up my 2010 season by attending the Cubs/Cards game at Wrigley Saturday.  The mood was somewhat somber at the ballpark for obvious reasons. I mean, how often do we actually see a series between the Cubs and Cardinals where neither team is in contention?

The In-Laws were visiting from Minnesota and wanted to take in a game.  All of them are rabid Twins fans, which makes talking baseball painful.  Every year, for the last decade, when the leaves start to change color, their team is preparing for the playoffs, and every year I feel the need to go through a twenty minute diatribe stating why the Cubs have failed yet again.

It gets old but their is a benefit, as I feel I have every right to adopt the Twins as my post- season prom date  (remember last week’s post?) without guilt. You see, I married into it.

In my opinion, marriage provides an affable excuse for being a “sports team swinger”.  It is not required, but if you feel the need to swing, as long as it is with your mates team, to keep things saucy (or to keep you sane), by all means do it…..you have earned it!

It seemed, while observing from my upper deck perch over third base, that the Cardinals fans outweighed the Cubs fans.  My guess is that the Cardinals fans, getting bounced later from the post-season conversation, didn’t cancel there flights in time to get a full refund.

All of this leads us to a new edition of Five Burning Questions!!!!!!

1) Is it a requirement for Cardinals fans to wear all of their garb to the ballpark?

Next time you attend a Cubs / Cards game (or any Cardinals game) check out the Cards fans.  You can spot them from a mile away and it’s not just because the team color is red.  It is the sheer amount of red that one person can wear which draws the eye!

The coordination is unreal.  Ever see the movie Boomerang? When Eddie Murphys friend brings his dad to dinner and he has the mushroom belt with the mushroom jacket liner, and his wife uses pieces of her fur coat as earrings to match or “coordinate” with the fur coat?  These are Cardinals fans!!!!!!

Maybe it’s just me, but one hat seems to do the trick.  Is it necessary to wear a red hat, candy cane socks, a cardinals polo shirt, a belt with little cardinals all over it, and a watch with a cardinal whose wings are the hour and minute hand?


I think it must be a requirement for every Cards fan to dress head to toe….they are almost as annoying as Ohio State fans! (Don’t get me started on that stupid necklace that looks like a string of turds hanging around ones neck!)

2) What if Lou retired earlier?

First off, I am a Piniella supporter. Loved the guy for everything he did and represented.

However, I wonder how the season shakes out if Quade gets the post in May or June? Are we playoff bound?

Just thinking……

3) What if Ryne Sandberg is a terrible major league manager?

What if the Cubs hire Sandberg and he swan dives right off the bat?

How will Cub nation respond to Ryno if he goes 10-29 out of the gates? Will he get a longer leash because he is Ryno? Does he deserve it?

Sometimes I wonder if Ryne Sandberg would get the publicity he gets if he wasn’t the Cub golden boy in his playing days.

If he does well then great, but if he struggles, and Quade is the next Jim Leyland, then hold on to your hats.

4) Is there a chance that somebody other then Girardi, Sandberg, or Quade gets the gig?

The are two reasons that make this outcome plausible……

1) Bob Brenly feels, in an article with ESPN Chicago, that the big three may not be the only realistic candidates for the job.  Apparently he feels Jim Hendry has an abundance of contacts in baseball and the job could go to somebody that hasn’t even been mentioned.  Take it for what it is worth……

2) I have this sneaky suspicion that Jim wants to shock the world and show us all how great he really is.  If he hand picks an outside shot and is successful he gets a front row seat in Cub lore…….the way I see it, with some of the recent decisions he has made, he might as well go for the Hail Mary pass.  He may be gone by 2012 anyhow…….

5) If you could bring any former Cub out of retirement and put them on next seasons roster who would it be and why?

My pick : Ryne Sandberg, although I want him  to play second base not manage.

I feel he would bring some leadership at the player level to a team desperately craving it.

Well that’s it, a lot of “what ifs” this week……

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Chet West is an IT professional living in Minneapolis, MN with his wife and two daughters. He has a pug named Banks and loves photography. Follow him on Twitter @chetwest19