Hi there and happy Friday everyone! Really enjoyed reading your thoughts this week, thanks for keeping the conversation up even during the waning moments of a sad season. Seems we’re all looking forward now, which is a good thing! And, is the topic of this week’s GirlieSurvey!


Last week we talked about our early years. Today we’ll talk about next year! Earlier this morning Joe outlined why there are really only three remaining candidates for the Cubs’ manager position next year, and I agree with him. So, to that end, who’s YOUR pick? (I know there’s some question as to whether Girardi even wants the job, but for the sake of our chat here let’s pretend he does.) Which of these three do you want to see as next year’s manager?

a.) Joe Girardi
b.) Mike Quade
c.) Ryne Sandberg
d.) None of the above (please indicate your choice)

I’ll keep a tally and report back come November when the choice has officially been made. Now, on with the VFTB week in review!


  • I remember the day like it was yesterday.
  • Don’t put too much into September performances.
  • Funny how when the penant race is over he can control his emotions.
  • High fastballs and breaking balls in the dirt made Fukudome look like a drunken lumberjack.
  • You use the phrase “Drunken Lumberjack” like that’s a bad thing.
  • It’s only bad when you’re in the batter’s box.
  • Frankly in my world usually being a Cardinal is grounds for disqualification anyway….
  • Samardzija (thank god for copy and paste)
  • “Hey, Aramis Ramirez, would you like to stay for dinner next season? We’re serving Stove Top stuffing!” “Stove Top Stuffing? I’m stayin’!”
  • There is another book begging to be written by Rob Neyer. The title of this one would be: “The Chicago Cubs in the New Millennium (2000-2010)”. Would that constitute an entire decade of blunders? I don’t know. But I’d like to read Mr. Neyer’s analysis.
  • Look out ladies and gentlemen, hell just reported a cold front coming in!
  • Pretty sure Doc Raker’s daughter was on my lap when he hit it.
  • Are you talking about DocRakers 22 year-old daughter?
  • His attitude is a lot like his pitching, inconsistent. In the end we all know that the monster is bubbling below.
  • If we get something good in return for Z, I don’t care where he goes.
  • I’ll sit back and watch Z get chubby and insolent in red instead of blue.


  • If Aram opts out of his contract I will personally buy everyone a drink with the Capn’ money.

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