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September 16, 2010

Joe’s Big Important Question of the Day

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We’ll make this very simple for everyone. With another nice start last night to complete the sweep of the Cardinals, Zambrano appears to be showing the ability to be the guy the Cubs need in the rotation. Do you still look to trade him this off-season or should Jim Hendry pencil him into the rotation for 2011?

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Joe Aiello is the founder of View From the Bleachers and one of the lead writers. Growing up in Chicago, he fondly remembers attending games in the bleachers before that was the popular thing to do. Currently Joe resides in North Carolina with his wife and three kids and helps people protect their assets as an independent insurance agent. Connect with Joe via Twitter / Facebook / E-mail

  • Doug S.

    Too many dumb incidents. Maybe his stock has risen somewhat of late. If it’s me and I can dump his $$$ and get something for him I do it.

  • Rick Beato

    He will be in the Cub rotation in 2011 because it is the only plan with any hope or logic. The Cubs owe him too much money and would basically be giving him away for nothing. I know his recent upsurge is no guarantee of future success and I know he is most likely to regress. But the contract glues him to Chicago. Let’s just cross our collective fingers and hope he has grown up.

  • StephenB

    Zambrano has really straightened out since his meltdown. I have no problem with keeping him for next year, as he obviously still has the ability to be the Zambrano we love. I also wouldn’t have a problem trading him as he still has the ability to be the Zambrano we hate.

    What I would have a problem with is trading him for the sake of trading him. I doubt we’d get lucky like we did with the Bradley-Silva trade if we look like we’re trying to dump him. If we can get a good, productive player(s) out of a deal though, I’d say go for it Hendry.

  • Mark

    Going to be hard to trade him, especially given his “plans” to retire after his current contract and the exorbitant amount of money he’s owed. He does have value, but it will take some shrewd trading a la the Derrek Lee trade to extract it.

  • mastrick

    Zambrano seems more mature now and it shows in his pitching. Jimmy Piersall got another chance why shouldn’t Big Z?

  • Joe

    Let him pitch as a Cub. Also, I am really impressed with Quade and not just the record he has. Arguing that botched double play in STL showed me he cares, he’s got intensity, he’s smart, and he fights for the players in a less cartoonish way the Pinella. WE NEED QUADE IN 2011!

  • Rich Beckman

    I think Z will be here next year. How I feel about that depends on who is managing. If Quade is the manager, then I love the idea of Z being on the roster.

    Maybe it is just coincidence, but maybe Z’s performance is not unrelated to Quade’s management.

    And, yes, I vote to retain Quade as manager (this is a democracy, isn’t it??).

  • Kris

    How many chances do we have to get this nut-ball?! I think someone would be happy to take him off our hands. The contract might make that a little tricky, but if we can maneuver it–let’s send him elsewhere and get a clean start with someone new.
    I don’t Zambrano’s performance has anything to do with Quade. I think it has to do with the fact that he was forced into anger management and probably woke up and realized his career was in jeopardy.

  • Terrelle Pryor 2

    America wasn’t built on nice guys. It was built on winners who didn’t gave a damn about feelings. If we have a manager like that, and not a Johnnie B. Pinella type, then bring back Zambrano. Because play time will be over. If play time continues, get rid of him

  • Doc Raker

    I think Big Z’s make up make it easier for him to pitch when things don’t count as much. When things start next season expectations will bring out the worst in him. If we can get a fair trade we should, if we can’t we hope he stays on track of his recent success while we all hold our breath.

  • Chuck

    Big Z will be in the rotation next season due to lack of options. Here are a few of them.

    1) The only way we can trade him is if we eat much of the salary. Nobody is a fan of paying some other team to take a player so I do not think it will happen.

    2) His salary makes it distateful to put him in as a middle reliver. That would be the ultimate sign of failure and I don’t see it happening.

    3) Do the Cubs really have 4 better options at starter? I say no. Unless he totally implodes or management goes bonkers for starters either via trade or as free agent signings, Big Z is still one of the best pitchers we have.

    In short te answer is yes, he will be in the rotation next year because nobody else will want him and we don’t have any better.

    Personally, I think one of two things will happen. 1) He completely implodes and is sent home. 2) He is dominant again. It is a 50-50 chance of either and I have no idea.

  • mrbaseball2usa

    Chuck hits the nail on the head w/ point No. 1… It all comes down to dollar bills, and Z is owed too many of them.

    I’ll even hazard a guess that he starts the season opener (assuming no major FA signing).

  • jgod42

    I keep him without question. We already need at least one SP from FA. I don’t want to have to find two.

    Cliff Lee

    That works for me. :)

  • kingdomusa

    Big Z was mishandled by Lou and so was Gorzellany. Hendry would be stupid to trade Z at this stage, especially when he is our best pitcher. Lets not forget that Quade is winning because of an easier schedule. The vets are pulling for him because of the difference in rules compared to Rookies. Hendry told Ryno to go down and advance through the minor league system. This Hall of Famer rode buses, groomed the infield, reported early & developed all our young talent. He won Manager of the Year in both AA & AAA.
    This was without the services of castro, Cashner, Vitters, and Chirinos because I truely beleive that the man in charge didn’t want Ryno to succeed early to keep the fan pressure off Lou. Ryno finished 20 games over .500. Who knows. if I’m a betting man, Ryno might out-perform “Q” with this group because he was the one that trained him.
    Watch, other teams will come after Ryno (Seattle & st. Louis) but how many will be going after “Q”. the fans want to get a look at Colvin at 1b but for some unknown reason that won’t happen. Why, because both Nady & Baker are staff favorites & some of our youth is suffering. we should be also looking at 2 young catchers as back ups to Soto for 2011 also. Don’t get fooled Cub fans, Hendry is scared of the popularity that Ryno brings to the table.

  • Chet

    Big Z is an enigma. One month he is unbeatable and looks like a “team” guy (which I know he really isn’t) and wins and the next month he cant keep the ball in the yard and starts fights with his own teammates.

    His attitude is a lot like his pitching, inconsistent.

    In the end we all know that the monster is bubbling below. The monster being his ability to throw away an entire month of progress in one afternoon and let it affect him for months on end.

    Right now we cheer his efforts but everybody is suspect and waiting for him to implode….waiting for the monster to rear it’s ugly head.

    For this I think he needs to go. While his stock is as high as it can get…..and yes, I eat some of the contract too!

  • Joe

    @kingdomusa: Easier schedule shouldn’t be your counterpoint to Q winning games. They could not win these games earlier this year, and they definitely couldn’t win series as consistently as they are now. So you should give credit where credit is due. I’m on the fence with Ryno, I do love his respect for the game and how it NEEDS to be played, but the fans will continue to BOO bad play (at inappropriate times I might add) and who wants to see a single tear drip down Ryno’s cheek? Not I.

  • mastrick

    For those of you that don’t want Big Z back I have a question for you: Would you be okay with Big Z pitching for the Cards or the Reds?

  • Mike

    I would try and move him. He always seems to pitch well when the games don’t matter. His attitude needs to go somewhere else.

  • Buddy

    I would deal anybody, with the possible exception of Castro. Having said that, I can’t imagine there is even one team in baseball interested in Zambrano. That contract makes him untradeable.

  • mastrick

    But would you be okay with him pitching for the Cards or the Reds next year?

  • Buddy

    Yes, depending what the Cubs got back in return.

  • Kris

    I’m with Buddy. If we get something good in return for Z, I don’t care where he goes. I don’t think they should give him away, and I do think that someone would be happy to snap him up (although the dumb@## contracts we sign people to might make that tricky).

  • jswanson

    @Mark…not in the first or last two months of the season, where the stakes are low. Aside from that, I’ll sit back and watch Z get chubby and insolent in red instead of blue.

  • Doc Raker

    If Z keeps posting solid starts to end the season there may be plenty of takers even with his contract. GM’s always look at what was done recently, those stats weigh heavy. A real trade can be an option if Z continues to impress. Package Soriano with him and now you are pulling off a miracle.

  • Terrelle Pryor 2

    The Cardinals I would not be okay with, because he’ll actually do really good there. The Reds, with the Dust Bag in charge, I wouldn’t mind. Because not only is Dusty his daddy, but he’ll destroy his arm

  • MoondogKP

    Keep him. No one else on the staff has his talent level when right.

  • cap’n obvious

    Hard to believe anyone would take him without the Cubs eating at least half the salary. Run him out there every 5th day, get him back on his 2005 dosage of hgh, and put a helmet and shoulder pads on the gatorade machine.

  • Mitchener

    Well we better not let him go to the cards. Hes 7-1 1.29 against the cardinals. Always good to have him if we get into a playoff race with the cards. I think he was working through his new pitching style and getting used to some new pitches. Cant believe hes 9-6 after 17 games started. He was 9-7 last year after 28 games. His k/9 is 8.08 for 2010 and in 2007 when he won 18 it was 7.36. If he can lower his walks I could see this trend lasting.

  • Larry Sproul

    The bad contract keeps him in Chicago in 2011 . After that who knows as what is his real value ?? If Quade watches Z maybe he will be ok . If he starts acting up it’s a differant story .

  • Rich Beckman

    If their is a caveat to be made about Quade’s managing, it is not that the opposition is poor, it is that he is doing this in meaningless games.

    There is zero pressure.

    However, I remain impressed.

  • larry ley

    if you can get value back in return without having to eat alot of his salary, trade him. he is too inconsistent and he certainly is not a number 1, which he is being paid to be.

    having said that, any decision needs to be made with the next manager in place, whoever that will be.

  • Nelson Matamoros

    I find always surprising the way fans form their opinions about how a particular player without knowing all the facts. For instance, nobody, besides the Latin American players, know how hard is to succeed through a system like this. Most American players are drafted after High School or from college and universities. Latins don’t. They come from very poor communities and with low or zero preparation for being good citizens, forget about social abilities or even baseball basics. On the other hand, MLB is full of examples of bad management, worse contracts and very, very bad handling of player’s personalities. I think Zambrano is as hard to handle as a steaming potato, and he wasn’t who signed himself to that maligned contract. But is very talented and always want to win, and I doubt all his bosses and teammates share that. Or do you think that a century without winning doesn’t do damage to an organization’s culture? For me, Zambrano should go to wherever his talents and baggage can help to make a difference.

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