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September 12, 2010

Cubs notch second shutout in a row

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If your idea of a good baseball game is lots of runs scored tonight’s ballgame wasn’t for you.  The Cubs only scored one run, that being a towering homerun by Nady off the left field foul pole.  But tonight’s game did have a lot of positives for me – Dempster notched his 100th career win with an expertly-pitched seven innings – Cashner came in and got in a little trouble but made his pitches count when he got Ryan Braun, then Sean Marshall came in and made Prince Fielder look clueless on some offspeed pitches before finishing him with a fastball.  Marmol did not make the game exciting as he so often does and just like that the Cubs improved their record to 11-6 under interim manager Mike Quade.

I really think that Quade deserves a fair look and I think that’s what Hendry is going to give him.  Right now it looks like a two horse race with Quade and Sandberg looking strong and Fredi Gonzalez and Bob Brenly looking like dark horses.  A lot of people are going to pooh-pooh Quade but were this the beginning of the season he would be on pace for 105 wins.  So to say that he’s done a good job since taking the reigns from a tired Lou Piniella is an understatement.  The club looks purposeful, they don’t seem to making the mental mistakes and attitudes look good.  My personal favorite is Ryno but I’d still like to see Mike Quade get the chance that he has earned to show us his stuff.

In other Cubs news Aramis Ramirez indicated today that he is not certain as to whether or not he will opt out of his contract as he is entitled to do after this year; it has also been rumored that Aramis doesn’t see himself playing too many years before he hangs it up.  Said Ramirez:  “If you want to talk about the numbers, I have 400 at-bats and 22 homers, and that’s not bad, and 70-plus RBIs.”  I’m glad that he’s somewhat satisfied with this year’s numbers; I am somewhat satisfied with the fact that he’s sitting right where he belongs.  He’d be crazy to opt out of the $14.6M that he’s due for next year and the $2M buyout that he’s due in 2012 but crazier things have happened.  Assuming that he comes back next year the Cubs need to make one of their 2011 needs a third baseman to play all of the games that Aramis won’t play.

Also in the news Tennessee Smokies defeated West Tennessee to take a 2-1 lead in their best of five series.  Given the fact that there’s been a lot of promotion from within this year in the Cubs organization it’s nice to see that our kids can still get it done.

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  • Buddy

    Don’t put too much into September performances.

  • Rick Beato

    We need a 3B to play the games the self-satisfied Aramis won’t? You mean someone like Casey McGehee, the 20 HR/100 RBI man we GAVE to the Brewers a year ago because of course our team never knows who can play or what the right choice is. Giving McGehee away hurt us as much as bringing Milton Bradley in.

  • Paul

    If you think the McGehee loss hurts (which it does!), then think of the needs of this team.

    Let me think! Oh yes, Omar Affante at second, Wuertz and Artsma in front of Marmol and Marshal, Hamilton in right, Nolasco pitching,…. All plus players we got nothing for.
    Yes, if Henrdy knew what he was doing, we would be right there.

  • cap’n obvious

    Nice recap Strickler…though you may have missed the best highlight from last night’s game:

  • Sinnycal

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Quade get a shot for a full season, but only if it is part of a plan to bring Ryno up as bench coach in preparation for his eventual takeover. If they go with a long-shot like Quade and let another team snatch up Sandberg, I will be pretty pissed.

  • Doc Raker

    So Aram is satisfied with is 22 HR’s and last place finish. Nice, what can you expect for $15M dollars per, someone who wants to win, silly you. If Aram opts out of his contract I will personally buy everyone a drink with the Capn’ money.

  • Chet

    Honestly, we need A-ram to pack his bags. It’s players with attitudes like this and average stats that keep teams down. We need some guys with guts that want to win!

  • MJ

    Can we have the A-Ram quote in full context?

    I’m sure the media just posted a portion of the whole conversation, of which paints the man in a certain context.

  • Lizzie

    If the media didn’t snip it you know Mark did. But honestly, that doesn’t even bother me. What bothers me is that everyone has known for years that this is Ramirez’s attitude. It’s not any different this year because he’s doing poorly. He has always made half-assed attempts at fielding, always looked dis-interested. This is nothing new. Here’s the thing that annoys me. If he’s hitting, everyone ignores the attitude. (Well, maybe not Brenly.) No one complains until he’s not hitting. Here’s the thing. If you’re (collective, not any “you” in particular) going to complain about his attitude when he’s in a slump or the Cubs are in a slump, and it’s the same attitude he has when he’s not in a slump, then you need to be just as appalled at the attitude then. It’s prevalent all over. When Zambrano is pitching well his temper tantrums are “funny” or “just him”. It’s only because the team sucked this year that anything happened about it. I think if the egos were less tolerated when the going’s good, things would be better all around good or bad. I hate the sense of entitlement in today’s athletes. In today’s world, for that matter. Ok, I’m done. :-)

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