Well here we are, September 10. How did we get here? Day before 9/11, NFL opening weekend, chilly mornings, honeycrisp apples, my time of year save for the fact that our team forgot to show up this time around. For lack of anything better to talk about (and in lieu of talking about our team since we do that every day), let’s get to know each other better with our GirlieSurvey (named as such because no man would ever be asking you these questions unless he wanted to date you):

1. Where were you born?
2. Where do you live now?
3. What was your favorite baseball team as a youngster?
4. And, your favorite player back then?

I’ll go first:
1. Northeastern Pennsylvania
2. Northwestern Indiana
3. NY Mets and NY Yankees. I can’t help it. That’s who you rooted for when you lived in NE PA, they were our closest teams.
4. Ron Guidry

On with the Lizzies. Pickens are slimmer but that’s to be expected at the end of a (losing) season. Wait til you see how we amuse ourselves around here in the off-season. If you haven’t yet experienced it, should be a real treat!


  • Anything to keep us off the topic of this pathetic professional baseball team.
  • Padres announcer Jerry Coleman, he of the famous garbled speech: “(Dave) Winfield goes back to the wall, he hits his head on the wall and it rolls off! It’s rolling all the way back to second base. This is a terrible thing for the Padres.”
  • Coleman means camping.
  • I don’t think a mountain should be made of this molehill.
  • His is another interesting “Silva lining” (ha, do you see what I did there? I’m so sorry) story to follow.
  • You gotta believe he fired up his laptop and updated his resume after that announcement.
  • If you just joined us, and props to you for starting your VFTB reading career in a season full of suck …
  • Five new questions that will burn like the Monday after a weekend trip to Tijuana gone wrong;
  • At some point in the off season ( which began 3 months ago), we could have a discourse on the subject of how does Wrigley affect the Cubs and their chances for success on it’s surface. Just because it’s mecca, doesn’t mean it’s not a hindrance.
  • the 1978 Gator bowl…actually the guy Woody punched wore number 58 though.
  • Really not smart to punch a guy with a helmet and facemask, 45 years younger than you…
  • And since I’m on a roll and tired of the D Lee hate: Last year after a slow start he ended up hitting .306. AND was 9th in MVP voting. Even though the same crowd here lamented on how he was washed up all year long…..until he started hitting. Then. Crickets.
  • A good defensive 1B makes the rest of the infield better
  • and before anyone says it, let me say that no, bringing Soriano back to 2B is not a viable option, unless for pure comedic purposes.


  • Sigh … the sad, waning days of a losing season.

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