I joked at the beginning of the season that Carlos Silva was Batman. If you just joined us, and props to you for starting your VFTB reading career in a season full of suck, you missed the reason why. From April to June, he was simply mind boggling in his ability to get wins and keep his ERA low. He was a completely different pitcher compared to the player Seattle thought they were getting rid of. It reminded me of the first Batman movie where Michael Keaton completely baffles the criminals and one asks him who he is. He responds as follows:

Yesterday we saw Batman Returns, which wasn’t quite as good as the first go round. Lots of rust on Mr. Silva that needs to be knocked off. I still believe he can be a productive member of the rotation in these final weeks. It would be in the Cubs best interest to see that happen to allow Jim Hendry something to work with this off-season when he tries to trade him.

In other news, two arms were added to the pen and neither saw action. Jeff Samardzija and Justin Berg were recalled. I’m a big fan of building a bullpen from within, so the innings the kids have seen this year are useful. It’s been a pretty ugly year from a bullpen standpoint, but sometimes you need that rough experience to give you something to build on going forward. Of all the young names we have in the bullpen right now, there are two that I believe in strongly and I believe both should get a legit shot at a spot in the rotation next year. I’m probably going to take some crap in the comment section, but I believe Andrew Cashner and Jeff Samardzija are guys that have a legit future in this league. Yes, you heard me right on the second one. He’s 11-3 as a starter in Iowa this year. The biggest thing he needs to work on at this point is the command of the strike zone. If he can shore up the walks, he can be a member of this rotation. In my mind that’s his best role, which is why we haven’t seen him since early this year. The Cubs seem to have figured this out as well and let him get time starting in Iowa instead of bouncing him back and forth between roles in the Majors and Minors.

Not much else Cub related to talk about from this one. Dave talked a little yesterday about why Castro sat, so no need to rehash that. In a non-Cub related note, Trevor Hoffman picked up career save # 600. He’s the leader in saves and has roughly the same save % as Mariano Rivera. For some reason, he’s not looked at nearly as high as Mo and I can’t figure out why.

That’s all I’ve got. Enjoy the day today. We’ll get right back at it again tonight.

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