That’s right folks, they are back!

Five new questions that will burn like the Monday after a weekend trip to Tijuana gone wrong; five new questions that feel like inner thigh chafe after a long walk on a hot day (the big people know what I’m talking about); five new questions that will make your nipples bleed like you just ran a marathon….. it happens, look it up!

Five Burning Questions!!!!!!

1) Are some of the flags that fly on the roof at Wrigley ridiculous?

While some of the flags that adorn the rooftop ringing Wrigley Field have a nice place in Cubs lore there are a few that are a bit of a reach.  Since we are erecting statues to true Cub heroes maybe we can tear down some of the fluff?

I personally would start with Sammy’s 61 flag that flies high over home plate and move along to Kerry Wood’s 21 flag.  I am not trying to belittle these accomplishments, more or less just trying to put them in their place. They tied records! They didn’t set them, they tied them!

Just a thought.

2) Mike Quade is 9-5 in his first 14 games, is this a big deal?

In the grand scheme of things is this really that huge?  One look at the competition tells me, no!

He has racked up this record with wins against the Mets, Astros, Pirates, and Nationals.  This is a “who’s who” of teams that not only flounder but manage to do it in a style all their own.  Very much like the Cubs they are teams struggling to find the next step……hell, they are trying to find the stairway, forget the next step.

Yes, he did have the one win against the Reds but they lost the series.  If memory serves me correctly, which it rarely does,  it was not pretty either.

I need to see some contenders. The whole thing reminds me of that scene in Rocky III where Micky tells Rocky that all of his title defenses were a joke, that they were all setups and chumps.  Well, Clubber Lang is coming later this month in the form of St Louis (twice), San Francisco, and San Diego. Enjoy it while it lasts Mike.

3) What is stopping the Rickett’s family from buying out all of the rooftops?

(Do you feel the burn? It’s coming on like a Taco Bell nightmare!)

I have this dream that flutters about in my brain like a butterfly on acid. It goes something like this; I envision bridges that cross Sheffield and Waveland connecting the bleachers to the rooftops.  I know it is crazy, but if you are at the ballpark anytime soon look how the bleachers and rooftops seem to sit on the same plane as if somebody has ideas to connect them at some point in the future.

There has been talk in back rooms and alleys that the Ricketts family’s recent investment in the rooftop market is a lead up to a bigger deal.  I have no official source, just talk. Like they intend to buy them all at some point and this is just giving them that inside look.  Remember, these are business people, it would not shock me if their line of thinking was, “why take 17% when we can get it all?”

Also remember this thought zips around my brain like a butterfly on acid…..take it for what it’s worth.

However, I am pretty sure they have the cash and why bother investing in the first place if you were not going to make a bigger splash?

4) Who will be the poster child for sophomore slump in 2011?

It could be one of our own Cub rookies from 2010, or maybe someone from another team.  What rookie for 2010 is going to fall from grace in 2011?

My bet, Tyler Colvin struggles in 2011.  I don’t want to see it happen but I can just smell it.  It wreaks of promise. Anybody? Anybody?

5) What is your favorite Wrigleyville meeting place?

So the game is about to start and you have a group meeting up for some eats and beverages pre-game, where do you go?

Is there an establishment that holds your heart or is it a crap shoot?

The Wrigleyville watering holes are growing by the season and the old standbys are constantly upgrading.  Do you have a favorite? Share with us!

I hope you enjoy the questions……until next week.

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