I have to admit, today’s write-up was a struggle for me. Two bad teams, although the Astros are playing much better baseball lately, plus a Labor Day hangover for yours truly. What’s a grumpy writer to do?

Suddenly, the answer is obvious! Since I know next to nothing about Casey Coleman, let’s talk about a few of my favorite Colemans.

Vince Coleman: Yes, he was overrated, as his career on-base percentage of .324 tells us. However, watching Vince run the bases was truly mesmerizing. This member of the Coleman clan swiped 100+ bags three times in his career.

Choo Choo Coleman: C/OF for the Mets and Phillies from 1961 to 1966. Career batting average of .191. Bad baseball player, great name. The world could use more guys named “Choo Choo.”

Marcus Coleman: This defensive back from Texas Tech played an impressive 10 years in the NFL. In 2003, he racked up seven interceptions for the Houston Texans.

Dabney Coleman: The star of “9 to 5” and “War Games” was in just about every movie that came out during the 1980s. Who could forget his performance in “The Man with One Red Shoe?”

Gary Coleman: Let’s all say it together… “What’chu talkin’ ‘bout Willis?” A funny side note, recently a friend saw a t-shirt that read “I’m what Willis was talkin’ ‘bout.” Sounds like a great holiday gift to me.

Lucious Coleman: I once saw Lucious eat 52 cocktail wieners at a company cookout. OK, I made that one up.

The Coleman Cooler: I’ve owned mine for about 20 years. Many a cold beer has been safely stashed in this trusty companion.  Speaking of cold beer, it’s time to start knocking the edge off this hangover.

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