Joe approved my request for vacation time last week so it’s been awhile since I wrote a GirlieView. How long? Well let’s see. Last time I wrote one:

  • It was 91 degrees on my patio thermometer
  • School was not yet back in session
  • DLee was playing his first game as an Atlanta Brave
  • Lou Piniella was still managing the Cubs

Wow. That seems like a lifetime ago! Lots of great conversation since then. Even though the season has been essentially over for Cubs fans for a long time now, we still appreciate the audience and your thought provoking commentary as we ::::gag::::: wait for next year. It keeps us going, even when we can’t think of much to write about! Thanks everyone.

Let’s get to the double-issue of Lizzies!


  • I’ll still watch when I can, but it oh so very much blows.
  • I’ll be freebasing Crestor and red wine in hopes of not being one of Seymour’s “lunchish” procedures.
  • Count me as a C, as in ctupid.
  • I can’t seem to understand the logic in recalling Wellington Castillo to replace Geovany Soto on the roster when he doesn’t get a lick of playing time.
  • [Hill] called out the team on a lack of fundamentals, but he displays the same lack with some frequency.
  • I’m sure many Cubs fans will remember the recent failures, but overall Lou did a good job with this team. I’ll be pleased with three straight winning seasons and two playoff appearances from whoever follows him.
  • I don’t care who you are, when your mother gets sick, you go home and take care of mom.
  • I will very much miss Lou Piniella, and it’s unsettling to see him leave under such dour circumstances.
  • I look for big things out of Hendry in the off season.
  • As much as I’m baffled by how atrocious this season has been, I don’t think anyone would have gotten results much different than Lou’s.
  • Every single player brought his bat in this one in support of their new skipper.
  • Jim Frya, Don Zimmermano, Billy Martino, Ron Gardenhiro, Leo Durochero and who can forget Gene Michaelino. So bring on Ryno or Jody Daviniti.
  • If you rank by winning percentage, Mike Quade is the winningest manager in Cubs history.
  • Man oh man, where did the summer go?
  • I had no idea anything existed West of Woodfield Shopping Mall.
  • Why do I feel like the the Cubs brass is going to screw this up? Either with timing or just plain making the wrong choice.
  • I took the L to be Like. It gives the whole thing a more lolcat feel.
  • Once the players are up in the Majors, they seem to have a sense of entitlement based on their long term Guaranteed contracts.
  • if Jim thinks we need to make one or two moves then we really need to make four or five.  If he thinks we need to make four or five then we need to make eight or nine and so on.
  • Fun fact: we have seen Howry, Grabow, a dude named Schlitter, and that moppy-headed football player come out of the pen this season.
  • Rice a Roni. The giants would be livid.
  • there is little chance on getting rid of the money eaters without eating the money.
  • Trojan, nuff said.
  • If Byrd is your fifth or sixth best hitter, you probably have a good lineup. If he is your second best hitter, then your offense probably ranks near the bottom of the league in runs scored
  • Any Cubs win helps the hated Cardinals. What’s a guy to do?
  • In an ideal world, if the Cubs can’t win the division this year, then the Pirates would win
  • Sad thought… Even if we win out, we still most likely don’t make the playoffs with 88 wins.
  • I fear she’s curled up in the fetal position with a bottle of ripple trying to find a happier place.
  • I can’t watch much more than the highlights, which are like 2 minute dentist appointments as it is…
  • It’s not about that you’re going, it’s about going with somebody and enjoying what we have left of the summer.
  • I don’t feel qualified to answer a question on your “tool-worthiness”. Ask Mrs VFTB.
  • Hi. I’m a broken record.
  • At least we get to watch Castro play everyday. Beyond that, it’s pretty ugly.
  • There are some pretty good comments on this thread. Perhaps one of the site authors should collect and publish a list of the best quotes of the week.
  • I find it refreshing, like a chilled Lemonchello appertif.
  • Hats off to any one who can use aperitif in daily conversation. It does not automatically mean you are gay.
  • Swizzard?
  • So what do we do with Carlos Zambrano?
  • I like Wrigley Field, but I wouldn’t sign me to hit clean up for the Cubs
  • If Z finishes strong enough to draw interest for a trade, then I would wonder if he should be traded. If he pitches poorly, then I would wish he could be traded, but no one would be interested.
  • I bet [Castro] could [play first]. But why would you want him too?
  • I’m still done with Zambrano.
  • Watching the Cubs this year is a lot like watching the final season of “Seinfeld.” You know it’s not very good television, but you’re emotionally invested, so you tune in anyway. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll see something resembling the good old days: a Ramirez homer, a Soriano stolen base, the Bubble Boy, Crazy Joe Davola.
  • Joe should be giving raises to the recap squad…call it hazardous duty pay.
  • The concept of September callups is a little laughable this year, as the Cubs have been calling up (and sending down and calling up and sending down and …) guys since, like, May.
  • Funny thought…Harry trying to pronounce Arismendy Alcantara


  • And now, appropos of nothing and for no particular reason, my …
    Top Five Awesomely Named Cubs Minor Leaguers
    Rebel Ridling 1B, Peoria Cubs
    Trey McNutt, RHP, Tennessee Smokies
    Austin Bibens-Dirkx, RHP, Iowa Cubs
    Cameron Greathouse, LHP, Boise Hawks
    Arismendy Alcantara, SS, Boise Hawks

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