Watching the Cubs this year is a lot like watching the final season of “Seinfeld.” You know it’s not very good television, but you’re emotionally invested, so you tune in anyway. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll see something resembling the good old days: a Ramirez homer, a Soriano stolen base, the Bubble Boy, Crazy Joe Davola.

Fortunately, Quade’s crew found a way to take the rubber game of the Pirates series. Led by Castro, Colvin, and Fukudome, the Cubs held off the Bucs and the rain for a 5-3 win. And now for a few random thoughts:

1.       Thomas Diamond has a great name, but he isn’t a very good pitcher. Here’s hoping Screech’s cousin wears another uniform in 2011.

2.      Blake DeWitt is a useful player, but he’s not lead-off (or Pensky) material. Let’s pencil him in for the eight hole and leave it alone.

3.      The Cubs absolutely have to address the backup catcher situation next year. Koyie Hill is not a reasonable insurance policy for a Geo Soto injury.

4.      Sean Marshall has exceeded my every expectation in the bullpen. Is this year’s performance a fluke?

5.      Why does anybody swing the bat against Carlos Marmol? I’m not sure he’s capable of throwing three pitches in the strike zone to the same batter. I guess the results show us how good his stuff really is. Having said that, I still can’t stand to watch him pitch.

Maybe I’m crazy, but I see enough encouraging signs to be optimistic about next year. As George Costanza once said, “It’s not a lie if you believe it.”

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