Winners: Reds

Losers: Cubs

The Cincinnati Reds showed the Cubs exactly what it takes to be the class of the division.  In a game that was as much a definition of the Cubs 2010 season, as it was a replay of the defensive weaknesses that plague the team, the Cubs lost 7-5.

I know what you are thinking, the Cubs scoring five runs  is in no way a common theme to this season, but the Cubs losing a close game, well that’s called hitting the nail on the head.

The Reds are simply doing what they need to be doing down the stretch….beating the teams they are supposed to beat, payrolls be damned.

I took a look at this Cubs team today and realized something, for the $130 million payroll that they carry there is not one player on this team that would be considered a star.  Not one player that strikes fear in the opposition.

Soriano is pretty much a clown to most opposing teams, as is Aramiz Ramirez.  Yes, their bats show some pop from time to time but their fielding is attrocious.  For every run they drive in they cost us two.  They are pretty much the closest thing to “star power” on the north side.

Today’s game was a seesaw battle that saw the Cubs go down 3-1, bounce back to tie it 3-3, then go down 5-3 and with the sweet swing of Fukudome’s bat on a two run homer to left center, they tied it back up at 5-5 just before the dreadful bottom of the eighth inning.

Jay Bruce managed to get on base in the bottom of the eighth (shocker, I don’t really need to see Jay Bruce anymore this season……we can call him the new Cub killer!)  Ramon Hernandez, the Reds catcher, shot a ball behind the running Bruce into right field. A good jump  had Bruce headed to third in what looked like a close play in the making.  Here is where the Cubs, or more specifically Aramis, took over.   Fukudome’s long throw from right came in a little off target but not by much.  Instead of getting in front of the throw Aramis did another one of his patented ole”, backhand stabs at knocking down the ball.  The ball got by him and the go ahead run, Bruce, scored.  Bob Brenly made sure to comment on the lackluster attempt at knocking down the throw.  Something tells me Aramis is not high on Brenly’s list?

At any rate, another ball was hit Aramis way in the next at bat and he made a flailing effort to make the stop, which of course failed and another run scored.  It  would make it 7-5 Reds and Cordero time!

In a close game the Reds did what they needed to do.  They moved the runners, made contact, and scored the runs.  The Cubs on the other hand did what they do best, which is find a way to shoot themselves in the foot.

Wake me when it’s 2012.

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Chet West is an IT professional living in Minneapolis, MN with his wife and two daughters. He has a pug named Banks and loves photography. Follow him on Twitter @chetwest19