Strike One – Watching the 9th inning yesterday gave me a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. When Carlos Marmol walked the first hitter, it’s always a red flag that maybe bad things are on the horizon. Ryan Dempster did it in the 4th and the 6th innings and one of those runners came around to score. Instead, Marmol pumped three straight fastballs to Derrek Lee and simply over-matched him. Things looked good at that point until two more walks to McCann and Gonzalez. At that point, I pull Marmol. I don’t care if his strike out rate is a shade over 16 per 9 IP. When you’re wild like that it’s not going to end well more often than not and in my mind it’s better to scrap the closer at that point and go with anyone who can throw strikes and induce a ground ball. That guy was Sean Marshall, who is the only one on the staff (starters included) that have a GB/FB ratio over 1.00. He was available, has shown he can be reliable in tight situations and would have come in to face two favorable matchups. He would have turned Cabrera around to hit righty, which is not his strength, and faced a left handed Ankiel.

Strike Two – I can’t seem to understand the logic in recalling Wellington Castillo to replace Geovany Soto on the roster when he doesn’t get a lick of playing time. Since being recalled, he’s seen one start and just six plate appearances in favor of non-hitting, Koyie Hill. I love Hill. I like that he’s on the team….AS A BACKUP. If you’re going to elect to give him the starts in Soto’s absence, then why recall a kid that could use more at bats in the minors to get the experience? Let him ride it out till the end of the minor league season and then recall him to get a big league look. Instead, they should have made room on the 40-man roster for Robinson Chirinos to come up by putting John Grabow on the 60-day DL.

Strike Three – Along the same lines, now that Lee is gone, you’ve got to see what you have with Tyler Colvin at first base. At this point, it doesn’t matter if he gets killed over there because the losses that pile up just mean we draft a little closer to the top in June. Let him give it a shot to see if he can be the answer over there next year or if that is a postion we need to look outside the organization (via trade or free agent) to fill.

That’s Strike Three and I’m Out….

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