Hello and Happy Friday. Heard about (but didn’t see) DLee’s standing ovation and helmet-tip to the fans in his first at bat against the Cubs this afternoon. He’s a class act, I miss him, and I’m very happy the fans treated him as he deserved.

I’ve decided to conduct a little poll. Maybe I’ll do it every week, maybe not. We’ll see how it goes. For this week, we’ll gauge your continued interest in what has become (or always was?) a very disappointing 2010 Cubs season. Where in here do you stand?

a.) I still watch and enjoy every game.
b.) I still watch every game and enjoy very few.
c.) I watch when I can but this team is low on my list of August priorities.
d.) I can’t even watch anymore, too painful.

Or, heck, make up your own choice! I’m about a solid C myself. Maybe a C+. For some reason I still look forward to seeing the games when I can. It’s just that the “when I can” part seems to take on a notably different definition with each passing week. Things that I’d never let interfere at the beginning of the season easily displace the Cubs now. Like, enjoying a riveting Brady Bunch rerun. Doing laundry. Watching grass grow. It no longer takes much. How about you?

Ok, on with the week in review. Good quotes this week!!!


  • An even 20 games under .500 with the .300s looming in the future. What fun!!!
  • SWEET WHISTLIN GERONIMO that guy is slow.
  • I miss you Sherm
  • be fair. Lou hasn’t really blown that many games in the late innings. We are usually out of it far before that point.
  • I have to tell you that watching this game was better than putting a sharp stick in my eye, but not much better.
  • Wait a minute, I know I’ve been paying only loose attention lately, but we have a purple dinosaur playing in the infield?
  • once again this offense is making another decent pitcher look like a Cy Young candidate!
  • Matt Stairs is still alive? I had him in a dead pool 2 years ago.
  • With Lou Piniella’s upcoming retirement, your proud franchise will need a steady hand behind the wheel in 2011. I am officially offering my services.
  • When you are hired can I be named “Special Assistant to the Manager”? No duties, just a paycheck? Sort of like Crane Kenney.
  • Anyone who wears wristbands is welcome.
  • For the 7th inning stretch, just let Ron do it. He’s got more passion than anyone in the stadium, players included.
  • Kind of like when you seen an ex-girlfriend who you’re not really sorry you broke up with but you still kind of miss her and you want to be nice because you still want to be friends but you’re also bitter and disappointed and can’t believe things turned out this horribly after having such high hopes and yet she’s still cute and sometimes funny and you share all these memories and you know you’re never going to be able to completely cut off contact with her so you better not say what you really want to, which is…
  • Pretty sure Skip Caray is still dead, and thus his whining will be fairly soft.
  • I predicted a Latos shutout. If you look at it from that angle, the Cubs overachieved


  • The Cubs started off pretty good, but eventually they reverted to their default setting which resembles a slow spiral descent into hell.

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