120 Games…..only 42 left.

I wonder what I will be thinking next year when we reach this mark?

Will it help if I start drinking now?  Will it make the latter innings easier to stomach? 

Stay positive, stay positive…….find your happy place.

The following are some random thoughts from tonights game……..as they happened to enter my brain throughout the game.

Randy Wells is my new favorite cub to hate, and low and behold, he was tonights starter against the Padres.  Right off the bat he reaffirmed my feelings by loading the bases in the first inning and giving up a run.   Gifting the other team runs in the first inning basically takes the air out of this Cubs team.  However, this team looks flat regardless of the situation.

Jon Garland took the bump for The Fathers.  I am not sure where to place that trade with the Sox but the Cubs definitely got the used side of the toilet paper.  Matt Karchner was our side of the take and from what I remember he stunk.   Meanwhile, Garland is ham and eggin’ a nice career for himself.  

I was a little dissappointed to see Xavier Nady in the lineup tonight.  I wasn’t dissappointed in the fact that Lee wasn’t playing, or that X-man was manning the bag,  I just wish we had some young talent that could get the experience at the position.  It doesn’t say much when you are plugging in Nady at this juncture of the season.  It seems like a wasted opportunity for one of the young guys…..but who?  These are the things that scare me about this team, we dont have depth at some key positions for the near future.  Right now would be the perfect time to showcase that talented, power hitting first baseman that the Cubs are hiding in the minors, except he is not there.

Len and Bob were raining down compliments on Blake Dewitt’s offensive presence since joining the Cubs.  He then promptly hits into a double play with no outs and two on in the second inning…… such is 2010.  On another note Len and Bob sound a little tired and I can’t blame them.  This season must be wearing on them a little.  Not only is this team playing sub par baseball but they have no identity what so ever.

  • The third inning spelled out the Cubs troubles.  The pitcher gets on base to lead off the inning and Fukudome hits into a double play.  When your pitcher gets on to start an inning you have to plate a run!  Yet again, we kill what could be a big inning with the top of the lineup.  Both Castro and Byrd get on base, but with two outs, that leaves little room for error.

By the way, two players that stand out for me this season are Marlon Byrd and Starlin Castro.  They are both gamers and look like they are enjoying themselves.  Marlon seems to take a lot of pride in his craft which is nice to see in an otherwise dreary year.  Starlin adds a little excitement for the future (Yes, Colvin is a close second).

Fast Forward to the sixth inning……(yah it’s an uneventful one folks)

  • Here we are in the sixth inning and Randy Wells has managed to keep the Padres to one run!  My best guess…..he is on the verge of unfolding!  Then again, wouldn’t hurt if our Cubbies could grab a few runs but once again this offense is making another decent pitcher look like a Cy Young candidate! 
  • Castro, DeWitt, and Nady just turned a tough double play.  The take out slide at second looked a little suspect, the runner literally stuck his leg out in the opposite direction to take down DeWitt.  It wasn’t pretty but Wells gets out of the jam.  Nady made a Derrek Lee-like play at first to cap that DP off. 

The Cubs are really starting to churn through the at bats quickly now.  Thats six up and six down through the sixth and seventh innings. 

Randy Wells gave up 1 run on 3 hits through six innings.  You know what, Good for Randy! I bashed him at the start but he showed me something tonight.  On that note, does anybody think he could have kept it going for a seventh inning?…….. didn’t think so.  Now we get the bullpen…….

  • Sean Marshall pitched a nice eighth inning.  Spotless would be a better word.  Sean is about the only bright spot in this bullpen so far this year.  He has been fairly consistant with an occassional blip here and there. 
  • Tyler Colvin at the plate to start off the eighth.  Len and Bob state that Tyler has been MIA as of late.  Apparently Lou wanted to give him a break as they were starting to see his production slide a while back.  Len and Bob were also commenting during the seventh that Colvin may not be making the adjustments needed unlike Castro who has adjusted better at the plate in his first season….now if we could only get him to field a little better?  All of this leads me to think, what will our outfield look like next year?  Where does Fukudome go? 
  • Castro singled to right field with a nice piece of hitting in the eighth inning.  Fukudome, with some exceptional baserunning, gets to third base.  Marlon up…..game on the line…..double play!  I give you your 2010 Chicago Cubs!  Sweet mercy!!!!

Ninth inning…….Marmol Time!

  • Marmol gives up nothing while of course flirting with danger. 
  • Blake DeWitt launches a ball to the ivy but Ludwick is there to make the grab.  Two more feet and that ball is gone for a two run homer and a Cubs walkoff victory……

…….such is 2010.

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