A funny thing happened on the way to the game today. After a morning filled with yard work I found myself done and ready to recap about 40 minutes before the game started. 12:39pm, to be precise. Ahhhh, done. I’ll just stretch out here on the couch until the game comes on…………..

OOPS! I think I dozed. It’s the bottom of the third! Didn’t TiVo the game since I fully planned to watch it. So you get my Gameday-driven-type-recap for the first three innings and if anything exciting happened that the computer isn’t telling me I’m sure you can read about it. You’ll just have to read about it elsewhere. Sorry everyone. Not like me, but so goes this season. Maybe if I had more reason to watch I wouldn’t have been so likely to snooze. So it’s the Cubs’ fault. Yeah. That’s it. It’s their fault!

1st inning: Derrek Lee got the Cubs off to a nice start with a solo home run. Alas, short-lived as Albert Pujols returned the favor in the bottom half of the inning and we’re back to square.

2nd inning: Most exciting thing to happen in this inning seemed to be Xavier Nady’s HBP. From the perspective of GameDay (pitch #2), this did not look like pleasant positioning.

However he stayed in the game so I’m guessing the cartoon characters aren’t anatomically correct. Lucky for him!

3rd inning: Well I’ll be dipped! Derrek Lee homered again! Go DLee! This time Pujols did not return the favor, Cubs lead 2-1.

I’m awake now! Just in time for some fun!

4th inning: The Cubs loaded the bases with no outs before Koyie Hill drove in two runs on a ground-rule double, scoring Nady and Byrd. Cubs lead 4-1. Which I accidentally just typo’d as “cups” lead. Made myself laugh. Dempster helped his own cause by singling in Blake DeWitt. Still no outs!! That marked the end of Kyle Loshe’s day. Cubs lead 5-1. Fukudome kept it going with a double scoring Hill. Still no outs! Dempster made like a professional baserunner when MacDougal threw a wild pitch and scored even though the ball didn’t get two far away from Molina. The risk paid off, he was safe! Castro grounded out bringing up DLee. Can he do it again? Nope! Strikeout. But that’s ok. Ramirez walked to keep the inning alive, bringing up Marlon Byrd for the second time this inning. Byrd singled in Fukudome giving Nady his second chance this inning. Cubs lead 8-1. I haven’t had this much fun while watching a Cubs game in months! Nady ended the inning with a ground out. Nice comfy lead now. Why do I hear a voice in my head wondering how they’re going to blow it? Bad, bad Lizzie.


No, I didn’t fall back to sleep. This time the game was the snoozer, not me. The Cardinals managed one run in the fifth making it 8-2. DLee left the game with lower back stiffness (which should come as no surprise if you watched yesterday’s game, he looked hurt) and that’s about all that transpired for awhile.

Saw a lot of ads for Curb Your Enthusiasm, which premiers September 13 on WGN. Have you seen the show? Anyone? It’s fantastic, I highly recommend checking it out if you haven’t, especially if you were a Seinfeld fan. But for those of you who know the show, is it just me, or can you not even imagine how they can make it acceptable for mainstream television? Then again they managed to do it with Sex and the City. In fact that came up in conversation today. Bozo the Bush. That’s all I can say in mixed company.

9th inning: Colvin doubled and scored on a Ramirez single in Cubs’ half of the inning, making it 9-2. In the Cardinals’ half, my “how can they possibly blow this?” voices started again as Steven Hill hit his first career major league home run making it 9-3. While ignoring the voices and considering what I might cook for dinner, Marcos Mateo managed to load the bases giving up two singles and a walk. No outs. James Russell replaced Mateo and struck out Skip Schumaker for a big first out. After walking in a run Russell was relieved by Carlos Marmol. Since he’s entering the game with the tying run on deck, he qualifies for a save in what originally began as a blowout. Oh those voices! Felipe Lopez promptly singled in Aaron Miles and Brendan Ryan bringing the tying run to the plate in Randy Winn. Marmol walked him to re-load the bases. Allen Craig represents the winning run for the Cardinals. A nice double play ball was bobbled by Castro but they did get an out at first, with another run scoring. 9-7. Here’s Steven Hill again. He too grounded to Castro but this time he fielded it cleanly and ended the drama. Dempster gains his 11th win, Marmol his 21st save. Whew.

BTS after the game:
mrbaseball2usa = 6
Dragon = 5
Big Bob = 3
Gabo = 3
Ben = 1

This is the first two-game winning streak (? do you call it a streak at 2?) for the Cubs since mid-July. Guess who they beat two times in a row? The Cardinals. This also marks their first series win since mid-July (also vs. St. Louis, in the same series that they won 2 in a row.) Back to Wrigley for tomorrow night’s game against the Padres. Tom Gorzellany will take the mound. Join my good pal CubbieDude for the recap!

Win Probability

First Star – Derrek Lee (WPA = .226)
Second Star – Blake DeWitt (.108)
Third Star – Albert Pujols (.090)

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