Hello and Happy Friday. I’ve got to hand it to you guys (and gals!). This week provided some of the best quotes I can remember reviewing! I think we’re all in the same boat. We’re all disgusted with our team and misery loves company so I think we collectively cheer ourselves up using humor and a sense of collective friendship. Man that sounds sappy even to me. Nevermind. Let’s move on!

Beat the Streak

After yesterday’s Giants game, here’s where you all stand:

  • Rich Beckman = 5
  • Dragon = 4
  • mrbaseball2usa = 4
  • Scott = 4
  • Big Bob = 2
  • Gabo = 2
  • Joe L. = 2
  • Shane = 2
  • Ben = 1
  • Brent Huelsmann = 1
  • Doug S. = 1


  • The Cubs came close today.  Close, but no cigar.
  • the Cubs are contenders right now….They are contending for the title of “Doormat Of The National League”.
  • I’ll bet Lou is counting the days until this mess of a season is over.
  • The Cubs lost another game?
    Big deal.
    Byrd didn’t get me a hit for BTS.
    Bigger deal.
  • Is that something fun flying? or mating? Having never mated with a dragonfly before, I would say the flying is the something fun.
  • As irritating as Carlos Zambrano has been this year, there is still something fascinating about him.
  • Zambrano HAS to do well, so that the Cubs can get rid of him!
  • I don’t know how family relations work in your neck of the woods, but if you didn’t get two sets of grandparents, somebody somewhere made a very terrible life decision.
  • I kill me.
  • General Manager Jim Hendry was seen shrieking into his cellphone earlier today as he tried to refill the Cubs 25-man roster after every single player in uniform for last night’s depressing 4-3 loss to the San Francisco Giants asked to be placed on the disabled, bereavement or restricted list before tonight’s game.
  • Not to be outdone, starting left fielder Alfonso Soriano told the team that his best friend in the world — his Hummer — is suffering from severe transmission problems and needs his support immediately.
  • [Fukudome’s] tersely worded (er, lettered) statement to the team, sent via text message, was simply “BRB.”
  • I wonder if Samardzija reads VFTB…poor guy might have his hopes as high now as his breaking balls were in April.
  • Samardzija should realize how lucky he is that he’s been in Iowa all year, and thus can’t have the disaster of ’010 placed on his doorstep.
  • doesn’t it seem as though we have suffered a string of losses that blurred together in a mosaic as if it were happening in a parallel sports universe.  Kind of like we were being stabbed over and over but couldn’t feel it because we were already dead?
  • Hey, Look Big Z is punching out our new first baseman in the dugout!
  • if I have to watch one more game with such terrible, horrible, not-even-a-fitting-adjective-for-this-level-of-disgust defense, I might explode.
  • I remember a translucent set of round Kool-aid glasses and a matching pitcher with that smiling face on it. We had cool shit in the 60′s
  • No more Cajuns. I guess we will have to go back to enunciating our terminal Ts.
  • this is where overpaying for a “veteran” relief pitcher really bites you in the arse.
  • he can’t hit worth a damn. But Lou loves him.
  • The Tea Totallers have a good-looking young prospect who can play every position at once. A kid named Bunny; looks like the Cubs could use him. Here’s some video from a scout: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzqxIql0Pnk
  • They were the Cadillac of buns, only out done by J-Lo.
  • I deadpan that I don’t have any dogs to the cashiers
  • I really don’t like cashiers fondling any of my goods.
  • Cornhole..I guess the Carolinas are a bit closer to Kentucky than I thought.


  • The unlucky dragonflies, the ones with maimed wings or unfavorable mutations, die frustrated and unfulfilled. Those dragonflies must have a moment at the end where they say, “what was the point?” Those dragonflies know what it’s like to be a Cubs fan.

Enjoy the Cardinals and the weekend (not necessarily in that order!)

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