Well, this makes five in a row. Five losses, that is. Not a fun weekend for the Cubs no matter how you look at it. I’m sure they’ll be happy to get on that plane tonight to head home. It was a long game, giving me plenty of time for observations. Hope you’re in the mood for some reading!

Random Notes (Game and non-Game!)

  • The Rockies’ pitcher today reminds me of the reason I don’t go to many Cubs games anymore. I found that no matter how much you dole out for your tickets, you can count on sitting near at least one a-hole. Like the time I sat in front of one of those know-it-alls who insist on telling everyone around them everything about the game as if we’re all idiots. Got myself a little giggle though because this particular know-it-all, who seemed to truly love Mark DeRosa, called him Mark De La Rosa. All. Day. Long.
  • Today brings us Blake DeWitt for his first start as a Chicago Cub. He’s sporting uniform number 9, which, now that I mentioned him, was Mark DeRosa’s number. And, they both have the same kind of DeSomething last name. Damn I’m bored.
  • Geovany Soto is batting cleanup today. And that’s not the only interesting thing in today’s lineup. Have a look. See if you notice anything special. [Note: I’m not referring to the picture of Soto, even though he is a hotty.]

    Now, I’ll admit Tyler Colvin’s been pretty good this year but who knew he was talented enough to play 2/3 of the outfield at the same time! (Apparently he’s batting slightly better when playing right.)
  • After two quick outs courtesy of Colvin #1 and Castro, the Cubs managed to load the bases before Soriano struck out. Perhaps they should have tried Colvin again afterall. Ok I’ll leave that go for now. Just a misprint, I know. But I need to amuse myself somehow during this pitiful season!
  • Carlos Silva couldn’t make it through the first and appeared hurt. Len and Bob, while always remaining politically correct, seemed sour on Silva during the injury conversation. I don’t want to read into any implications that I may be imagining, so let’s just say they didn’t seem very sympathetic. (Neither did the CSN announcers after the game.) James Russell replaced him and limited the first inning damage to 2 runs. We later learned Silva left the game due to “illness.”
  • Heads-up baserunning by Jeff Baker to start the second turned a bloop single into a double while the Rockies’ centerfielder took a snooze. Baker moved to third on a wild pitch, and Blake DeWitt doubled to right for his first RBI as a Cub. Welcome Blake! Neither Russell nor Colvin nor Castro could get him past second base. 2-1 Rockies.
  • The Rockies loaded the bases in the bottom of the second with one out. Good thing I don’t have dinner reservations. This is gonna be a long game. 6-1 Rockies.
  • They sell freeze pops and sno cones at Coors Field. They look good! I’m bored AND hungry!!
  • Soto walked and Byrd singled for some baserunners in the third, but Soriano promptly hit his first pitch into a double play. He’s stranded 5 runners and it’s only the third inning.
  • What do you call one player on the Colorado team? A Rocky? Or a Rockie?
  • Finally, a 1-2-3 inning (3rd) for the Rockies.
  • Blake DeWitt singled in the fourth for his second straight hit. I’m glad he’s having a good first outing. I would imagine trade days are tough even for the most seasoned players, not to mention when you replace two well-liked guys.
  • Carlos Zambrano, who replaced Jeff Russell in the 4th, wasn’t sharp. 8-1 Rockies after 5. We’re two hours in and the game’s only just past half. I should have done a little experiment. Net time spent at bat per team. I’m guessing we’re at about a 5/1 ratio favoring the Rockies. Maybe 7/1. Please let it be over soon. (You can decide whether I mean this game or this season!)
  • Do y’all play Angry Birds on your iTouch/iPhone? If not, you should give it a go. Makes time fly by! (no pun intended). It’ll run you 99 cents but it’s a whole lotta fun for a buck. And remember, I’m all about positivity: they’re really not all that angry. Actually very cute!
  • Colvin (BB) and Castro (single — thanks Starlin, you’re my BTS pick today!) got something started in the 7th, then DLee singled to score Tyler. (8-2 Rockies). That marked the end of the day for Jorge De La Rosa. Soto singled and Castro scored. (8-3 Rockies). Time to stretch.
  • Andrew Cashner, who needed a super-good outing to gain confidence after his last two not-so-good ones, managed to get himself into and out of a jam in the 7th with no damage done.
  • Soriano led off the 8th with a solo home run (8-4 Rockies). Blake DeWitt promptly followed with a single for his third hit today. The remainder of the 8th inning was uneventful.
  • Speaking of Soriano, Brenly was talking about how Soriano has improved in left field. “You don’t get the willies quite as much when the ball goes up in the air to left field…” The willies. Good way to put it Bob! (I do agree with him, by the way.)
  • Huston Street. What a cool name for a baseball player. Ranks right up there with Starlin Castro (who lined out to center on Street’s first pitch to start the ninth), Casey McGehee, and Rebel Ridling.
  • After Castro’s quick out, DLee walked. Wonder if Soto could hit a five-run homer here to put this one away? No luck, but he walked and Marlon Byrd promptly tripled driving in two (8-6 Rockies). Soriano was about an inch from tying the game but Dexter Fowler made a great catch in center (possibly breaking a rib or two in the process). Byrd scored on the sacrifice (8-7 Rockies). Jeff Baker struck out for the sweep. Props for making it interesting, guys!

Let’s go home. Night game against the Brewers tomorrow. Join Chet for the recap!

BTS After This Game

Lizzie = 8
Big Bob = 4
Rich Beckman = 2
Tommy = 2
Doug Bagley = 1
Dragon = 1
Eric = 1
jerry gross = 1
Joe L. = 1
Jose can you see = 1
Mitchener = 1
odie = 1

Win Probability

First Star, Second Star, Third Star = All Rockies, All Weekend Long

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