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July 31, 2010

Game 103: A joke that’s not funny

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Tonight the Cubs showed why they are not qualified to compete in this year’s postseason race, losing the game 17-2 to the Rockies. The offense was noticeably absent once again and Dempster clearly didn’t have his best stuff. The Rocks did their damage in the third, fifth, sixth and eighth innings and the Cubs have now lost four out of their last five games. Here are the game’s highlights, if you can call them that:

  • Bottom 3rd: Francis singles with one out. Then Fowler hits a ground rule double men on second and third one out. Seth Smith doubles to right center scoring two. 2-0 Rocks. Dempster walks Tulowitzki, men on first and second two out. The third consecutive walk in the inning plates a run 3-0 Rockies.
  • Bottom 5th: Carlos Gonzalez hits one about 430 ft. 4-0 Rockies. Tulowitzki singles to center. Hawpe walks Larry Rothschild comes out for a visit men on first and second no one out. Base hit by Stewart – 5-0 Colorado.
  • Top 6th: Base hit to lead off the inning by Baker. Triple by Tyler Colvin Baker scores 5-1 Rockies. Lee with his 45th RBI as he grounds to short to score Colvin – 5-2 Colorado.
  • Bottom 8th: Barmes doubles to left center, Melvin Mora pinch hits and singles Barmes to third with no one out. Gonzalez singles to right scoring Barmes, 6-2 Rockies. Tulowitzki then doubles home Mora making it 7-2 Colorado. Then Hawpe doubled making it 9-2 Rockies.  Further abuse followed, Cashner looked pitiful and should proceed directly to Des Moines.  He’s looked bad this week and needs to learn what happens when you pitch poorly at the major league level.  Send him down now.   Marshall didn’t have it tonight, he gave up four runs and the Colorado team made it a laugher.

I was able to watch the Cubs win in Houston on Monday night – that game marked their third win in four games and gave many of us pause for relief and narrow hopes for postseason play. But the teams’ performance since then makes it virtually a cinch that the 2010 Cubs will not make the playoffs for the second year in a row.

In other news Houston has made some serious trades and the Cards have not. Roy Oswalt was shipped to the Phillies and he promptly gave up four earned runs in a loss to the Nats. On paper this was a good trade for Philadelphia, particularly given Happ’s injury this year and slow comeback. I’m wondering whether or not the Phils have the mojo it will take to get the job done against the Braves. Also in National League Central Division news the Astros traded Lance Berkman to the Yankees – I’d like to see Berkman finish out the year there and possibly land in Chicago next year – his team option has converted into a mutual option so this could very well happen. So who do you want, Lee or Berkman or somebody else? Both players are 34 years old coming off of bad years.

Also Teddy Ballgame has still not been moved, my conclusion is that Hendry won’t trade Lilly for chump change. I’d like to see the Cubs hold on to Lilly if they can’t get good value – let’s offer him arbitration and see what happens.

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  • Buddy

    You’re right Mark. This team is nowhere near good enough to get back in the race, and then of course there’s that pesky calendar.

  • Tommy

    I was already bummed out by the 8th when Theriot went 0-2 and then was replaced. Aiello, your record is safe. The voodoo doll worked you dog!

  • lizzie

    Yeah, it was a bad bad day for the BTS’ers. I myself had the good fortune of picking Tyler Colvin but alas, I was one of two and everyone else who played got sent to the showers. Funny since yesterday was one of our highest participation days in a long time! Here’s where we stand:
    Lizzie = 6
    Big Bob = 3
    Joe L. = 1
    youngkaren = 1
    Lots of time left to get your pick in for tonight and re-start your streak. Good luck!

  • Doug S.

    Seriously, what can one say about last night?
    It’s difficult to keep getting up after being knocked down so many times.

  • Buddy

    I’m sure Lou can’t wait to get out of there.

  • Doc Raker

    The Cubs sent Lilly , Theriot and $2.5M to the Dodgers for Blake Dewitt and some minor leaguers. Anyone know about the minor leaguers in this deal? Otherwise, what’s the point? They are only dropping $2.4M in salary minus DeWitt’s salary.

  • Buddy

    DeWitt is a swtich hitter and has more value than Theriot (in my opinion). The rumor is that the Cubs plan to resign Lilly in the offseason.

  • cap’n obvious

    Has there been a GM in the history of baseball that has cornered the market on shitty second basemen more than Hendry? Blake Dewitt=Aaaron Miles.

  • mastrick

    I really like this trade – look up the two pitching prospects @ Both are dealing this year.

  • Tommy

    Even tho he didn’t get me a hit in his last game as a Cub, I’m kind of glad I picked Theriot. I will miss him. now who will I pick as my favorite Cub? Colvin looks good to me. And he’ll probably be around awhile. Dewitt doesn’t look like an upgrade to the infield to me.

  • Bobbi Wickham

    I’m more worried about the prospects we got for Ted Lilly. Don’t we already have enough crappy relievers?

    DeWitt is six years younger and currently cheaper than Theriot by about 2 million dollars. DeWitt also has a slightly higher OBP and slugging percentage. The main problems I see are that DeWitt doesn’t steal bases and can only play second, while Theriot can do everything but pitch and catch.

    Unrelated to playing, I’ll miss calling Theriot The Riot. DeWitt just isn’t as funny a last name.

  • Tommy

    Unless our last name is Ricketts, what is 2 mil to us? We’re fans. Dollar for dollar look at what Theriot made since being a Cub and the production returned. Quite the value I would say. Especially if you look at the bloated wallets of players like Soriano or Zambrano.

    I’m wondering also how Fontenot will respond now that his friend from LSU days is no longer around. These guys go way way back together. Surprised he wasn’t part of the deal.

  • Bobbi Wickham

    I don’t begrudge Theriot the money, it just explains (along with the age thing) why they traded him straight up for a player that doesn’t have as much versatility.

    The Dodgers could probably have used Fontenot as he’s way better than their current back up second baseman Ronnie Belliard. Maybe the Cubs couldn’t get something good for him? Really unless they are stars and/or have “no trade” clauses I don’t think GMs think too much about their friends on the team.

  • Tommy

    Agreed, that was sort of ‘tongue in cheek.’ But it was a nice story.

  • Seymour Butts

    Bobbi, if you can’t make something funny out of “DeWitt” you are not trying very hard.

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