So I’ve been following the trade rumors all day long hoping to bring you some breaking news about all the wheeling and dealing Jim Hendry’s been doing. Are you excited to hear it? Hold your breath! Here it comes!!! Get ready!

: : : : : : : : : : insert crickets here : : : : : : : : :

Big bunch of nothing. Which is how I expect the deadline to pass. Hope I’m wrong!

Meanwhile, let’s recap the really great conversation around here this week (quantity AND quality!) We’ve got a great group of Lizzies thanks to plenty of our regulars plus a hearty dose of new faces (and returnees!).What’s a Lizzie, you ask? It’s recognition given to certain VFTB quotes throughout the week that particularly strike my fancy. Totally subjective, but I have a great time picking these out each week. It’s a good gig. Especially this week. The Lizard is the best of the Lizzies. Enjoy!


  • there are exactly two reasons to watch the Cubs these days: Tyler Colvin and Starlin Castro.
  • A very special congratulations to Andre Dawson
  • Three straight years above .500 = miracle.
  • [Hendry]’s great at making big moves with his less valuable chips, but he’s terrible at knowing when to cash in his more valuable ones.
  • You have to give Jim credit for the altered expectations.
  • I’ve never felt like the Cubs have been leaders in the market. They have always had a reactionary and old fashioned business model, and never had the ingenuity to be a leader
  • he did turn Milton Bradley into Carlos Silva.
  • How do you think Milton Bradley will not be Milton Bradley?
  • All this improved play of late is really throwing a kink in the trade plans.
  • Personally–I think the “apology” on ESPN was a typical attention-getting move from Zambrano. Have some class–shut up, do your job, and talk to your teammates quietly in the clubhouse.
  • I like Theriot in the 8-spot, but Hendry could ship him out and bring up Scales for all I care.
  • Unless Colvin and Castro change their names to Strasburg, they have no chance at ROY.
  • [Colvin]’s just a good-looking (and I mean that in a manly way) athlete with a bit of the rock star in him.
  • Personally, I like him because his last name rhymes with the word “moustache.”
  • Tango and Cash have nothing on Ryno and ‘Stache.
  • Although it was VERY nice to watch a Sunday Night game and not have to endure Joe Morgan (also nice not to hear that Miller guy), Bobby V still should not even be on this list.
  • I still can’t believe Howry occupies a MLB roster spot.
  • As we got to the front of Wrigley under the Marquee he stopped in the midst of a solid cantor and squatted!
  • If you know pugs then you know they have personalities like people and he shot back a look that was like “if you gotta go?”
  • Nerd power.
  • I have a BS in Middle Grades Math Education
  • I have Eular’s identity tatted on my left arm…top that.
  • I’m beginning to see why that goofy chart is omnipresent on the daily recaps.
  • I just have a lot of BS
  • @jim: Please go on. Your keen insights are clearly what this blog is lacking.
  • Anybody wanna bet we get very little if anything decent for Ted Lilly?
  • I wish I could text Jim Hendry or send him a message on facebook or something…
  • Despite the painful ending, it was the best year of baseball I have ever experienced.
  • In 1984, I did not care about their salaries, their agents, their late-night antics, their dugout ravings. In 1984, the Cubs in this 13yr old eyes were titans, gods, pure magic…


  • Unfortunately anything that draws a connection to this season and dog shit, is spot on.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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