I mentioned the other day that I felt this team could trade Ted Lilly and still have a chance to compete. I firmly believe that and I keep telling myself that a loss is not as big of a deal as long as we win series. When you do the math it works out like this. We’ve got 61 games left. Winning each series means 40 more wins. That puts us at 86 for the year. It’s not a great number, but there is no dominant team in this division and 86 might just get the job done. Remember 2003? The team we felt missed it’s chance? They had 88 wins. That’s not out of the realm of possibility, but we’ve got to play good baseball each and every series from here on out.

I watched last night’s game just waiting for Ted Lilly to be suddenly pulled mid at bat to be informed that he had been traded to the Yankees. It never happened and I have to wonder if it really will. I kept asking myself whether it was possible for him to shift his stock value dramatically one way or the other based on the results of last start and this one. I wouldn’t think GM’s would be that silly to let such a small sample size influence their ultimate decision, but you never know. If they do, then Lilly has done his job to either keep his stock high or perhaps even increase it’s value with the way he’s pitched over the last two outings. Now all we can do is wait and watch the twitter wire over the next four days. If only my employer didn’t block Twitter, I could have my tweetdeck up and running in the background.

Other Random Notes of Observation

  • Poor Andrew Cashner had a pretty rough night. It didn’t look to start to well and he finished it with style on a grand slam that was a no doubter as soon as it left the bat. Last night brought his ERA up to 4.28 from a very nice 2.42. Ouch
  • Koyie Hill got the start to give Geo a rest. His 0-for-3 at the plate brought his average down under .200. At this point, I don’t see a reason not to try giving Robinson Chirinos at least a tryout come September if there is a spot on the 40 man roster made available for him. What can it hurt?
  • Aramis Ramirez had this to say in the Sun Times about returning or not: ”I want to stay here, but I’ve still got two months,” he said. ”I haven’t talked to my agent about it. But everybody knows I want to stay here. I guess I’m staying here [in 2011].” (Source)
  • Finally, an update from Lizzie with the Beat the Streak Standings after last night’s game. It looks like Tommy is creeping up on my record of 10 straight. I’ll either have to get the voodoo doll out or, at the very least, start playing again.

Tommy = 7
Dragon = 6
Lizzie = 4
John Santoro = 3
Big Bob = 2
Jack McClendon = 2
Mitchener = 2
mrbaseball2usa = 2
Jose can you see = 1

You can try your hand at it very easily. All you do is pick a player in the game you think will get a hit. If he does, you start / continue your streak. Use the form here and play.

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