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July 23, 2010

Morning Wake Up: Friday Roundup (Bacon Toothpaste Edition)

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It’s my goal to have Friday morning be a c0llection of interesting things I’ve found over the course of the week that just didn’t make it into a post. This week starts that mess:

MLB Trade Rumors notes a little information on Xavier Nady’s contract bonus situation:

Plate Appearances

  • 300: $125K
  • 350: $250K
  • 400: $250K
  • 450: $275K
  • 500: $300K
  • 525: $175K

Games Started

  • 70: $100K
  • 85: $125K
  • 100: $200K
  • 110: $250K

My guess is that as we near those bonuses, you’ll see Nady playing less and less (if that’s actually possible). Nady is a guy that, if we can’t trade him before the deadline, I’d actually consider bringing back to play 1B next year. He’s not as good as his 2008 numbers (.305 / .357 / .510 with 25 HR & 97 RBI), but he’s better than what we’d get from someone else in the system and would give you flexibility in his ability to play the OF. He’d also be a full year removed from Tommy John surgery, which should allow a little more confidence in his ability to make the hard throw from the OF. I can’t imagine he’d command much of a raise, if any at all. It would also free you up to make a move for a bigger name like Adam Dunn or Carlos Pena if you wanted to go that route.

Carrie Muskat noted that Micah Hoffpauir gave Big Z some advice down in Iowa. “I just told him to have fun,” Hoffpauir told the Des Moines Register. “That’s what my dad told me when I was little. He said, ‘If you’re not enjoying it, don’t do it.”.

Can we emphasize and stress to Z the concept that if you’re not enjoying it, DON’T DO IT. Maybe we can just convince him to retire so we don’t have to pay his sorry self anymore.

Minor Leaague Drug Testing is Going Major League – And by Major League we mean in terms of stiffness of testing. In case you haven’t heard, minor leaguers better watch out.

Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig announced Thursday that, effective immediately, Minor League players will be subject to “random blood testing for the detection of human growth hormone” under Major League Baseball’s current Minor League Drug Prevention and Treatment Program.

“The implementation of blood testing in the Minor Leagues represents a significant step in the detection of the illegal use of human growth hormone,” Selig said in a statement. “The Minor League Program employs state-of-the-art testing procedures and the addition of HGH testing provides an example for all of our drug policies in the future.” ~

The Lake County Captains (Source) are having a Christmas in July promo as part of a toy drive for kids. The greatest thing about the promo is a bobblehead they’re giving away. It’s modeled after the Christmas Story leg lamp. Outstanding!!!

And finally, would you use any kind of strange toothpaste? I’m not talking about the baking soda stuff or the funny aquafresh multicolored crap. I’m talking weird. Check this out:

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  • Chet

    I think it was last year that Z mentioned at one point, this would be his last contract and that he would probably just retire. If a teammate has to say something along those lines to him, and he makes comments like the one from last year, it just strikes me that he really does not want to do it anymore.

  • Doug S.

    Kinda weird thinking about a way different looking Cubs team next year (the idea of Nady at 1st, etc) but this one’s broke and it needs to be fixed.

  • dat_cubfan_daver

    Totally agree about Nady. As crazy as it sounds, I still think he’s a better hitter than he’s shown. X is stuck in that pinch hitter vortex where he gets only the odd AB every other game or so and, unless he hits a 5-run home run, everyone is going to think he sucks. If he shows anything at all from here on out, I think the Cubs should at least consider him as a stop-gap first baseman on a one-year, incentive-laden deal for next season. All that said, if they decide to part ways with him, I’ll understand.
    Oh, and I don’t think I could stomach bacon toothpaste.

  • zach fisher

    i just dont like X for some reason… maybe its because of his error-prone, lackluster defense, or maybe his approach at the plate which seems to me is a strikeout 70% of the time. he is a below average hitter with homerun power if the pitcher pipes one. i dont see him as an everday player with any team but the pirates (which he was).

  • dave

    Nady currently has 159 PAs and 31 games started. Barring an injury to Lee, it is very unlikely that he would get close to 300 PAs or 70 games started.

    And I think if Lee gets traded, we still may not see Nady get many starts. I could see Soto getting reps there, and bringing up another catcher, or Colvin getting starts at 1st.

  • Lizzie

    Nady’s easy on the eyes but to me he still looks uncomfortable at first.

  • MJ

    Actually been to a Lake County Captains game. Nice little park, and a lot of fun.

    But aren’t all minor league games more fun?

  • mastrick

    Years ago when I got out of college I rented a house with three of my fraternity brothers. One of them seemed to be adverse to purchasing toothpaste, he always used mine. That year I went to Germany on vacation and was amused to see that Germans sold mustard in squeeze tubes that looked like toothpaste (and it was good mustard too, real spicy.) I brought a tube of it back and left it in the bathroom, you should have heard the whooping and hollering that came from the bathroom the next morning!

  • Mark Strickler

    BTW that’s a terrible bobblehead, it looks like a condom.

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