Everyday when I come home from work there is a “homeless” man that stands by the Walmart intercection with a sign that he needs money. The problem I see is twofold. First, he’s there everyday yet is always wearing different clothes. Second, he’s always smoking a cigarette. If he’s got a wardrobe and money for cigs, why is he on the street corner. He should be out working instead of being a lazy loser. I’m not trying to be unsympathetic or anything. Sometimes you see a guy with no legs sitting in a wheelchair and you know he’s probably got limited options for income. This guy doesn’t fit that category in my book. My question to you today is this:

What is the best way to be a bum and make the most money?

In other words, if you were forced to do that to make your living, what tactics would you use? What would be your gameplan to maximize your income? I have to say that this one is one of the more creative ones I’ve seen and I’d like to meet the guy that came up with it.

What’s on Tap?

Brett Myers (7-6, 3.85 ERA) vs. Ted Lilly (3-8, 4.07 ERA)

The Cubs go for another series win before a big series with the Cardinals. It could be Ted Lilly’s last start as a Chicago Cub so tune in to wish him well.

Lilly rebounded from two bad starts to strike out 10 Phillies over seven innings in his last outing. He made some mechanical tweaks and they worked. His starts are being watched by teams looking for help.

Myers is one of 53 pitchers since 1920 to begin a season with 19 straight starts of six-plus innings. Dan Haren did the same last year, and Myers can be the first to make it 20 in a row to start a season since Pedro Martinez and Mark Buehrle in 2005.

Strengths -A confident righty, he can change speeds effectively with two- and four-seam fastballs in the 90s. Has a terrific curveball and plenty of endurance. Is effective as both a starter or reliever.

Weakness – Can get rattled on the mound if he doesn’t keep his emotions in check. Also battles control issues that lead to big innings against him. Doesn’t trust his stuff enough. (Scouting Info taken from MLB.com and TSN.ca)

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