Good day, fellow followers of the Chicago Cubs National League Professional Baseball Organicacion. I would like to start off today’s news broadcast post with a simple and clear statement: I will not be discussing Carlos Zambrano. For that, I suggest you mosey on over to Joe’s game recap and have at it. I am the king of the castle, the master of my doman – and I’ve decided to make this a Z-Free post. Uh, unless some shocking development takes place regarding Carlos and then I’ll probably just cross all this out and go ahead and cover it. Oh my God! He’s been traded to the Yankees for A.J. Burnett! Ha, just kidding. Let’s get on with the Z-Free News:

Grabow blows out knee, two familiar faces called back. Those of us who were foolish/unfortunate/masochistic enough to watch last night’s game witnessed the slightly cringe-inducing sight of John Grabow re-injuring the knee that’s been giving him trouble all season. It’s not like his leg exploded or anything, but it’s always a little dismaying when you see an obviously hurt pitcher essentially take himself out of the game. And if you thought that was bad, check out what could be the demise of Detroit Tigers fireballer Joel Zumaya last night. Brutal.

To replace Grabow and that other pitcher who’s been placed on the restricted list, the Cubs have called up two dudes we’ve seen before. Jeff Stevens barely got settled in his swingin’ Des Moines bachelor pad before he got the call and headed back to Chi-Town. And lefty James Russell, whom I liked in theory but put up some scary bad numbers in his 21 innings pitched this season (3.00 HR/9!!!), is back as well.

The John Grabow signing, dubious to begin with because of the large number of dineros going to an average pitcher who’s not even a starter, is looking worse and worse. The Cubs could wind up getting less than nothing out of Grabow this season – he has a negative WAR as it is – and he still has a whole season left on his deal.

Ted Lilly to the Mets? That was the rumor ignited by New York Post writer Joel Sherman yesterday. Lilly’s bounceback outing in Seattle confirmed that he remains one of the Cubs better trading chips heading into what’s becoming more and more likely to be a sell season. And the Mets – and other teams – may see Ted as a little more gettable than Roy Oswalt or Cliff Lee.

In other trade rumor news…well, there really hasn’t been any that I’ve found. Various blogs and sites, including Fangraphs, are screaming for the Cubs to trade anyone and everyone, but I honestly have no idea what Hendry is up to.

Cubs honor Ron Santo. In case you missed it, here’s the official article and vid clip of last night’s honoring of ol’ No. 10. Too bad the current players couldn’t have “honored” him with a win. I think Ron’s making a wise choice in cutting back his road broadcasts. Maybe it’s just me, but he seems a little more energetic since making the decision and, based on the team’s current road record of 15-24, he doesn’t need all that groaning in his diet.

Mark Prior attempts 4,495th comeback. Ol’ No. 22 will work out for an expected multitude of major league scouts tomorrow at the University of Southern California. Can he refashion himself as, presumably, a big league reliever? I wish I could bring myself to care.


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