I don’t want to talk about the Cubs today. No, I’m not being a fair-weather fan (love you anyway jswanson!) The fair-weather fans in these parts flew the coop a long time ago. That’s why our posts each garner only a handful of comments from the 10 faithfuls who still visit us regularly despite the carnage. Thank you, by the way, to those faithfuls, for sticking with us even when times are tough! In any event, I just don’t think there are many new and exciting ways to talk about things. We’ve analyzed them to death. Would rather not rehash it again, and you probably don’t want to read the rehashing either. Even when they win, it seems to be almost by accident.

So I’ll tell you a little story. Most exciting thing to happen around these parts all week long. It has a happy ending too, unlike our recent Cubs adventures. :-)

Tuesday early evening. Grass cutting night at the homestead. I can’t be trusted with power tools but I like to at least pretend I am helping by hanging around, providing a cool refreshing drink now and then, and my occasional sparkling conversation. At the time I was in the garage getting the battery off the charger for the leaf blower to clear the grass off the sidewalk. I must say I do enjoy operating the blower from time to time (cough). Anyway, had I not been fetching the battery, the garage door would have been closed for the exact reason I’m about to describe.

Lawn mowing is in progress near the side garden bed. Baby bunny gets spooked. Runs around the front of the garage. I see this happening but can’t tell whether the bunny actually came into the garage, or under the bush in front of the garage. So I start moving things around where I thought he may have come in, thinking I’d scare him right back out again. Nothing. No bunny to be found. So I figured he indeed went under the bush and out the other side into our front garden beds. Everyone gave a few more cursory looks around but found nothing.

That was Tuesday. In and out of the attached garage plenty of times on Wednesday. Even the dog goes through the garage to the back yard occasionally. Nothing amiss. Storms arrive Wednesday night around 7. Power goes out. Bored-to-death, everyone goes to bed early. Power comes screaming back on at 1:00am, and of course everyone wakes up since all the lights/TVs/etc. that were on at 7:00 are back on now at 1:00. Dog thinks it’s morning and needs to do his business. I take him through the garage. Upon our return, we see the telltale signs of bunny presence. Little baby bunny poop all over the place. Suspiciously located near the lawn mower which always has some extraneous grass sticking to it (smart bunny). So, about 1:08 in the morning we start an all out search for this bunny. Moving every single thing in the garage, every nook and cranny. We realize the bunny may already be deceased. There’s very little food other than the grass stuck to the lawn mower, and certainly no water except maybe what drips from our cars’ air conditioning units, and it’s been well over 24 hours by now. We search for a full hour and give up. So discouraged. Just about to close the garage door and give up, when we spot a small frog that has jumped in while we’ve had all the doors wide open. It’s like a wildlife preserve around here. While we’re working on leading the frog back outside we spot the bunny! All tucked up behind a folding chair against the wall. So we rig up this elaborate barricade before we move the folding chair so that the bunny can’t move deeper into the garage-full-o-crap (no pun intended. I’m talking about our storage-type crap here, not bunny crap). He’s got about 10 feet to go to get to freedom! We move the chair when we’re ready, he’s not moving. Give him a little poke while I’m holding a push broom, an old log, and the full sized tray from the back of my car as a barricade.

OUT HE GOES!!!! Freedom for the little bunny! Bedtime for us, at 2:30. Didn’t fall asleep til 3:30 from the adrenaline of bunny hunting I guess! Up at 5. Felt fine … guess it’s the satisfaction of a job well done.

Ok, ok, I will include at least something Cubs related, especially since our own Seymour Butts sent us a picture from before Tuesday night’s game in Seattle.

We’ve actually got a few VFTB regulars in Seattle this week, thanks Seymour and also Doug S. for your in-person reports. I’ve enjoyed reading about your visit and I was really happy for you both yesterday because you at least got to see one win!!! Before yesterday’s game, Seymour told us what he was wearing and where he’d be sitting. I have never seen his face, only his backside so I am not sure but I think this may have been him (picture taken of my paused TV screen, pardon the blurry):

That you, Sey? If not, my apologies to this stranger. :-)

Probably took you all weekend to finally get this far in the article, but here are the Lizzies! You can judge the nature of the Cubs’ play this week by the tone of them. Enjoy the White Sox games!!


  • If all goes well, I’ll only be alive for 50 or so of the next soul-free hundred year drought.
  • My biggest fear right now is that this team is afraid to make a change.
  • We also lack what seems to be consistency in fundamentals throughout the organization.
  • Its hard to go an entire season knowing that you have to throw a gem every time out in order to get a W.
  • The weird part is that you can assemble talented individuals into a team that just does not get it done.
  • Defense so important. Its too bad Hendry & Lou haven’t got the memo.
  • Graybowdry
  • Well, I saw it all from the 3rd row and it all sucked.
  • For the love of God, MILTON BRADLEY!
  • “root, root, root for the Cubbies, If they don’t win it’s the same”
  • Safeco is the best. Great field, stands, concourses, concessions, reasonable walking distance from many hotels.
  • At Least I only have a 4hour drive home after today’s game, poor Doug has to leave the country
  • So what stage of grief are you at? Still anger? Depression? Acceptance?


  • Uninspiring.

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